Sunday, May 31, 2009

Empress update

I haven't updated about my empress trees lately, so decided to add a couple new pics.

I got a free one on Earth Day, and I planted it in a pot until it got a bit bigger (I'm scared someone will just mow it over!) In about 3 weeks, it's about doubled in size, as you can see from the photos below. It's added a ton of leaves to it since then.

One of my trees, I had to basically start over because I shocked it. It went back to almost nothing, and in about a month, it has overtaken this tree! It's bigger than this one at around 3 inches. I swear the other day it had to have grown a full inch. I was worried about it for a while, and then we had a really sunny day and BAM, he just sorta sprang up.

I've been chatting back and forth with one of my readers, and he said that he planted his in a 5 gallon bucket and while he was away on a trip, his grew 3 full inches. Mine are in just 6 quart pots so maybe I need bigger pots!? I'll give it a couple more weeks before I decide.

In the meantime, I'm going to buy some miracle gro.

Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations

Have you seen Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations? It's a PBS show, that started in KC in 1995. From their website:

Since 1995, Randy, Mike and Don the Camera Guy have been loading up their cramped minivan to document outsider artists, grassroots art environments and offbeat attractions of all kinds exploring creativity across 39 states and 3 time zones. What began as a single show on a local Public Television station has grown into 54 half hour episodes and 3 one-hour specials, seen currently on PBS stations from coast to coast. From the Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kansas, to Dr. Evermor’s Forevertron in Baraboo, Wisconsin, and to Vollis Simpson’s Windmill Park in North Carolina (and countless places in between), the boys have shown viewers the best the back roads have to offer in terms of art and oddities, food and fun.

Ever since becoming a fan of the show, I always think of them while I'm on the road on vacation. I'll take photos of things I find humorous, odd, weird, unusual, maybe not rare, but definitely out of my normal every day viewing.

So our recent trip, I found a couple things, to add to my "rare" visions collection.


My first vision - a giant drivable lemon. How often do you see one of those?




I've always been a little fascinated with Table Rock Dam which dams up (obviously) Table Rock Lake. If you've never been there, there's a cool trout hatchery at the base where you can feed the trout. When I was a kid, we would go here every year. It was a lot more exciting when I was a kid. LOL. They had no netting over the large fish back then, so you could either get closer, or actually fall in. I'm sure my parents always took us there, because it's free. Free stuff is hard to find on vacations anymore.


A view of the marina, in our rear view mirror.


Looking at this, I want to go "WheeeeeeeEee" We have hills, but we don't have *Hills*.


And I really appreciate my neon, with A/C when I see a hill like this.


And this scene turned out not so rare, but that's ok because it wasn't hot.

which made me feel like I needed one of these... only one that floats:


This also made us miss our turn, because I wasn't paying attention and looking at 1/3 of a fake Titanic and cracking jokes about "touch a real iceberg!" (imaging some guy in back and lots of ice cube trays)


As I was on my explore, looking for scrapbook stores in Springfield, I ran across this cool mural and made a point to turn around and come back. It was the back side of a huge building, facing a main road. I still don't understand the reasoning of building it that way, but that's another story.

To get an idea of how huge the horses are:


And that's how I discovered the theatre where we saw Star Trek.

Now, you must share with me photos of your rare visions and/or roadside revelations!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let's get a little wild. Just a little

Whenever I go on vacation, I rarely buy a trinket from the area as a souvenir. In fact, I will frequently buy NOTHING (well, scrapbook supplies never count).

I used to buy postcards and scrapbook those, as I always said I couldn't take a photo as good as a postcard. Then, I'd start taking a few postcard quality photos and decided to heck with that, I'd just take my own!

OK, so maybe just a post card once in a while.


One of the things I love bringing home from a trip, is a memory card full of ... well.. memories. This trip was no exception. I didn't take as many as I usually do, but I did find myself taking photos of critters wherever I went. It was a nice change from the usual butterfly and bee photos you get to see here on a regular basis.


I loved this bird, I don't know what it is (anyone?). I loved the super awesome long tail, I bet he moves fast.


and her friend:



A guinea according to Gene. Biggest speckled wild turkey I've ever seen! I've never seen one before, and well, if you shake your head to the left and the right, it'll be in focus. Best I could do being in a slowly moving car on a busy highway. Men just don't play along!


Not wild, but they will be some day.


I hear you taste good. Lucky for you I don't like fish.


OK, so one bee. It's a south Missouri bee. Which I'm sure is completely different than a north Missouri bee.


I don't have any of these rare critters at my house. No really. I hear they like trees, I don't have any of those remember?


Mrs. Cardinal


And her husband, He's shy. I guess it's more than just my husband that doesn't want his photo taken.

A wedding today!
Remember Amanda and Derek? yeah them!

Friday, May 29, 2009

I apologize.. I have zero self control



I love having my own personal LOL cat.


A couple new scrapbook layouts to share




A few weeks after we got married, we received a letter from the office of the President congratulating us. I was very excited, as this was going to make an awesome addition to the scrapbook. LOL.

Paper is from Rusty Pickle, Sticker letters from Wordsworth (old stock), the tag is by ME!, the Giant chipboard letter C is from Colorbok. This is actually a really good deal. You get 26 sheets of chipboard letters for around $10. There are a TON of letters in there.





I made silver studs by heating up a regular, full sized, gold brad with my heat gun, and then dipped it in embossing powder twice, reheating, and then letting cool before I set it down.


I found this paper first, and only bought one sheet and then after I got home, I couldn't decide how to make it into a 2 page layout, the only thing that kept coming to mind, was to blow up the second pic to full 12 x 12. This one has been a month in the making, because I had a 12 x 18 made in china and shipped over (cheapest prices). I now also have a 12 x 6 of another image for another page.

Paper: is from creative imaginations and I can't find it online anywhere. The best I can find is the other items in this line on ebay. There is fishing, golfing, surfing, etc. I guess it's based on a t-shirt line?? The sticker letters are OLD SCHOOL. Think Liz something from EK Success like 7 years ago. Use what you have in your stash or your cricut. "Lead the way" and "Established" stickers are from Autumn Leaves.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Project 365

Because you need to laugh more

jiggly puff

Seth is not the only recent graduate here, Jingles graduated too. From my bed to the basket on the coffee table. We're so proud.

(not photoshopped in case you were wondering)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This could go on forever... for reals ppl, for reals...

wow.... We're home, finally. We were only gone about 3 days, but it felt like 12, especially sleeping in a different mattress that was surprisingly comfy for a motel 6, but not my mattress nonetheless.

I'm going to do one catch up post as there's just too much to post. I srsly had to start making a long list of things to catch up. Imagine 37 posts.... not good ppl. not good.

  1. I tried to update some via twitter while I was gone, I did see that I had some views to my twitter feed. Too bad the msgs I was sending with my photos didn't go through. Super randomness ensued.

  2. It's kinda sad when you are wondering what you're regular blogs are "doing" while you have no internet. I was wondering how Lolly's surgery and recovery went, and just found out Pioneer Woman is in NYC.

  3. When we got to Springfield, Gene took a nap, and TomTom and I went on an explore. I found one scrapbook store, but sadly, the other 2 from the very outdated yellow pages in the hotel, were closed :(

  4. It was rainy and yucky most of the time we were gone, but that's ok because it wasn't too hot.


  5. We dropped the girls off on Monday around lunch time. I totally was expecting their other grandma, not their parents. I'm still cornfuzzled by that one. We literally got out of the car and did a hooray dance as they drove away. At least *we* thought it was funny.


  6. If you didn't figure it out, we ended up in Branson. All I really wanted was some time enjoying the outdoors, the lake, and taking some photos. It was harder than I thought it would be. IE: "The Landing". I'd heard ppl talk about it, but I'd never seen it. I didn't know where it was. That lake access that I enjoyed for 35 years, feeding the ducks and picnicking at the lake edge? Replaced. By concrete, a huge Hilton, and lots of corporate logos. *sniffles* I didn't even get out of the car I was so disgusted.

  7. Instead, we got kinda lost trying to find the dam. It used to be easy to get to, now there's so much down there, I get all turned around easily. We ended up at the lake at some private docks. We just decided to stowaway and came up with a plan to act like we were looking for someone there. Ooops.. wrong docks! lol. No arrests were made.

  8. We saw star trek while we were in Springfield. OMG. Awesomeness. It's basically the prequel to Star Trek, and how Kirk, Spock and the gang became the team they are, starting from birth. If you ever watched the original series more than 3 times, you'll probably like it. I was a Next Gen girl (and I nearly cried when they cancelled it!), I didn't watch the old ones as much, but even still, I got the references. Even the way that Kirk sat was the same. I was so proud of Leonard Nimoy for being part of this show. Years ago, he wrote a book, "I am not Spock". Years after that he wrote the book, "I am Spock". Thanks Spock for getting over it. You are awesome. I give this movie a 9.5. I only had one eyeroll, and because I can't remember what it was for, I'm only deducting a 1/2 point.

  9. I'm thinking of dying my hair a whole new color. I have been blond for 12 years. I'm thinking, dark, dark brown.

  10. We went many miles out of our way, to buy BBQ sauce from the nuns in Ft. Scott, KS. I don't even like it. Gene on the other hand, will be pouring it on his cereal in the morning.

  11. Killing time waiting for the movie, we went shopping at Battlefield Mall in Springfield. Ended up in a clothing store and wore the clothes right out of the store because my hubs loves me, and loves me in that skirt that I would have never bought had he insisted I put it on. sidebar: I totally wanted to do the Julia Roberts/Pretty Woman routine at Bath and Body Works because they totally ignored me and helped everyone around me like I was invisible. I was PEEVED when I left. We ran out of time and could not go back to give them an ear full. I spent that money at the clothes store again, and a scathing letter to corporate is probably in the works.

  12. We went to Stone Hill Winery for a tour and wine tasting. I'd never done it before, and just wanted to do something fun and different. Bad move. I now own 6 bottles of wine I didn't plan on buying. LOL. BTW, buy the Vignoles, omg. Just... O.M.G.
    PS, you could totally tell our guide was irritated on so many occasions. LOL. (someone doesn't love her job)

  13. Speaking of over indulging, we stopped at Osceola Cheese on the way home. Between that and the wine, we spent 1/4 of our trip $$ in those 2 spots.

  14. Dominos pasta bread bowls. Mmmm. They are the DEVIL

  15. We came back through Warrensburg, not because it's the shortest route, but because that's the way Gene knows to go. Sometimes it's just easier to let it happen ppl.

  16. Antiquing in Southwest Missouri? Hit Nixa and Ozark. Skip Branson. Take an extra 2 days if you are a diehard.

  17. I admired Ambers sunglasses, she bought me a similar pair (good sister). Man, they are like wearing a welding mask, I should be able to watch sun flares with these things. I also expect this to take care of that annoying wrinkle that's worked it's way across the bridge of my nose.

  18. Arrived home to 2 starving cats and a knocked over trash can. You'd think we'd been starving them, but that's not the case. I heaped their catfood bowl before I left, which has worked in the past. Gastric bypasses for cats in order?

  19. Inappropriate alert: On the way down, we passed a woman with the license "Poohster", which btw, sounds totally like a euphemism for *the obvious*. That has been a source of entertainment for me 3 days. Somewhere along the line, that turned into "the oozy poohster". haha... Then, while in Branson, I saw a street sign for "Keeter St" which again, that one writes it's own jokes ppl. So now we have the oozy poohster and the itchy keeter. At the very least, it gave me a good reason to pinch Gene's butt way too much. "Poohster check!" haha.
    **Sorry, I've already started the trademark process**

    Come on ppl, Poohsters.... cheese... these jokes just write themselves.

Photo catch up tomorrow!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I should have been asleep an hour ago

Hello sunshine

Hi Everyone!

The past few days have been a minor flurry of activity, trips to the lake, and to Iowa, and to my dad's grave. Saw some family, made some crafts, had a photo shoot, pulled out my hair - I told my mother I'm not far enough away from being a Mom, to be a very good Grandma. Sorry girls.

I won't be able to post until Thursday, I'm going to have to dedicate a day just to catch up with 14 posts, but alas that will not probably happen as I have a wedding this coming weekend. I'm very excited.... so it might be the jumbo post. We'll see.

But the best thing I have is an awesome scrapbook tutorial, and the best part? It's cheap and pretty easy but looks so awesome!

I'll see you Thursday!

PS Why am I the one still packing all of US at 11 p.m. while everyone saws logs? *every single time*
Grr. :p

Friday, May 22, 2009

It's not easy, being green

When I was 10, we moved out into the country to a house my parents built. Now to be fair, "in town" was nothing more than 3 streets and about 100 residents.

It wasn't long before we realized that we needed a bug zapper. You know, those old school electrified cages with a light inside. Not only did they provide hours of entertainment for us redneck kids, but the bats and frogs loved the easy pickins.

We had one toad in particular that was an obvious "corn fed" toad. He was huge. Probably the size of both of my fists together (or just one of Gene's. lol) Let's just say, he obviously indulged at the bug zapper cafe on a regular basis and almost never did laps.

He lived inside of some tiling, that was attached to the downspout and ran underground for drainage, the end peeking out somewhere between the house and the garage.

Mom loved him, and always made a point to yell at us to not to run over her toad when mowing the yard. He was fast tho, he'd never let us pick him up, as he would only come out a few inches past the end of the tube. If you approached, he'd zip back in. Pretty fast for a big dude.


Tonight, Cadience went out to play and came in hollering that there was a frog outside. Well, of course, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity for a good picture. Turns out it was a little grey toad, sitting on the step. No more than a couple inches, and looking exactly like a rock. Cadience had a good eye, because I probably wouldn't have noticed him and just passed by.

Tanner came out, and they decided they would catch him and put him in a container for a little while so they could look at him up close.

Times don't change and seems he's a pretty fast mover too.

Mr. Toad

He jumped. There was chasing, there was more jumping, and more chasing. I went inside for fear of seeing a squished toad in someones hand - or hair. But a few minutes later someone comes in announcing that there's a frog too!

a tree frog too!

A foot or so away, sitting on a lawn chair, taking in the scenery, this bright green tree frog had alluded everyone until a 5 year old starts looking for his counterpart. Before long, they were all in the thick of it trying to catch the tree frog, as he was a lot more jumpy than the toad.

The girls

study of a frog

They were captured, and held captive temporarily in Tanner's tiny bug/fish/mouse cage (the one that holds critters temporarily during the cage/tank cleanings). So then everyone got to have a good look.

Jingles and the toad

In the end, I think it was mom that ended up killing the toad. She ran over him with the lawnmower.

*No frogs/toads/cats were injured in the posting of this posting. I can't make any guarantees for mom tho, she still mows the yard.
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