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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Favorite photos - 2010

I take THOUSANDS of photos a year. Crazy amounts. Many will never see the light of day. Heck I might have some gems sitting on my harddrive right now that would be incredible if I spent some time on them.
However, there are always a few every year that just jump out at me and make me love them for random reasons. These are those photos in 2010


Baby chicks. I can totally tell NOW that we there are 2 roosters sitting there.

Building a coop

Roofing the chicken coop, as fast as he can before the storm comes.


This was the sky on the opposite side of the house that very day.


Fight fight!


"I'm so dissapointed in you."


For some reason I just love this photo of Devil's Tower in Wyoming


A back road, nestled in the trees on the way to the river in Arkansas.

Chasing sunsets

Good night Missouri


Fishermen on the foggy lake in south Missouri.

Huge sunset behind my house

Stitched panoramic, sunset behind my home.


Tanner, holding the "Tanner" duck.


We had lots of green visitors this summer.


He changed so much in just one summer!


Captured in Wyoming. (I think I need to re-edit this one, but it's not bad)


My fav pic of me in 2010. I dunno why I like it sideways, but I do.


Our budding tree with my holga 135bc plastic camera.


Snowy "Ansel Adams" (snort) trees up the road, also with my holga.


If I had to pick one fav photo of 2010, this probably would be it. I love this one.


Fall dew. I got very wet getting to this web.


Rotten band kid I know.

Merry Cluckmas from Cease Fire Ranch

Daisy chicken, modeling for our Christmas card.
These aren't all! If you'd like to see *some* of my favorite ones from shoots, go to my other blog and check those out.

I know I have many other photos that I love. It gets harder and harder each year to pick my favorites. Many are picked because of the memory, and not the technical aspects.
Have a favorite photo? Please share your links!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Favorite photos.

I have a secret

I was thinking today, about my favorite photos, and this photo always comes to mind. *always* Technically, it's not perfect. I took it at the wrong time of the day, I blew out the sky and my apeture was too narrow IMO, but I still love it.


Well for starters, that's Seth and Tanner. The one on the left is now 21 years old, and the one on the right is 16. I think this was around 10 years ago. I was driving along, south of our town and saw something I had never noticed before, the coolest old run down barn in the middle of a soybean field.

I went out on the interwebz and bought 2 pair of overalls. (I still have them!) I took the kids to the barn one Saturday afternoon and took several rolls of film. For this photo, I pulled a little trick. I stood so I could get everything in frame, positioned the boys and then told Tanner to look down at the ground, and for Seth to whisper a secret to him.

The result? One of my favorite, most sweetest pics of all time.

Now why can't I get them to be sweet the rest of their lives?

PS, here are a few more photos from that same shoot, on film, 10 years ago!

Seth and Tanner Barn door

Seth - circa 2002

Seth barn

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