Wednesday, June 6, 2012

yeehaw. Gunna gets me one of them thar barns

I'm excited to show you the progress of the barn/studio!!!

Are you ready for it??!?


A patch of grass.

Absolutely nothing has happened yet.  Gene and I have been working on the new front porch addition to the house.  (I have to stop calling it a deck, because it's really a porch).  About 3 weeks ago, we were trying to work on it, cussing.... sweating.... growling at each other.

It was then that this sudden realization struck me like a ton of barn boards.  We couldn't even make tiny progress on this porch, there was NO WAY we were getting this barn done.


I stopped talking about it.  Stopped telling customers that the studio was "on the way" and "this summer".  I was frustrated.  The required budget tripled to make it happen and I just had this dead sinking feeling that I didn't have enough.
Not enough strength.
Not enough money.
Not strong enough marriage.
(that's sarcasm for those impaired).

Finally about a week ago I said to Gene.  "Yeah, that studio isn't happening".

{insert look of shock and horror on his face}
Ok, I really wasn't expecting THAT.

I relayed my concerns and I think somehow that lit some kind of fire under him.

After much discussion, we realized that this was a project that we couldn't take on ourselves.  If we did, it would involve someone quitting their job and that's not happening. 

It also might involve a whole bunch of marriage counselling.

So Gene made some phone calls, we talked to a guy that frames up buildings all the time.  We MIGHT be back on track to make something happen. 
Or that's the plan anyway.

We're hoping for a building that will be framed up and wrapped by winter.  Probably no inside finish work done.  For sure, probably no plumbing done. 

So in the meantime, it's still a little "pie in the sky" but to placate myself, I decided to create an illustration of what it migh look like.

{I'm standing in my driveway.  Chicken coop on the right, road on the left}

I think th is is a fairly accurate representation.  Well, less the doors and windows that look like they were manufactured by MS Paint.

I are a fotoshop mastur.


Stephie @ Our Marriage Adventure said...

I think you should hand that last image to the framer dude and say "This is exactly what I want the windows and doors to look like. Wait for him to stare at you strangely and then start giggling.

But I'm weird like that.

Joanne said...

This just reminds me of my "finished attic" that hasn't been happening for the last eight years. I keep telling my husband that I'd like to get it done before I am too old or arthritic to climb stairs or before my 7 year old daughter turns 18 and no longer needs a larger bedroom with a closet. Frustrating.

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