Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Lesson in post processing

Today's lesson will be about post-processing. Post processing (or PP), is the things you do to the image after you download it from your camera to enhance or add to it to make it more dramatic (or subtle, soft, vibrant, etc. Insert your own adjective here).
We're going to start with a recent photo from Kirstin and Jake's shoot.


This photo was pretty darn good straight out of the camera (SOOC). There's about 14 trillion options, but I'm just going to share with you 6.

b&w and sepia

First we start with the basic black and white. It's a simple process and I do this for select images that have a beautiful contrast in them that will look good in black and white tones. On the right, is a sepia tone (pronounced: See-pee-uh - sorry, that's a pet peeve of mine lol). Now, for the majority of customers, I drag my feet hard on sepia processing for an average photo. In fact, usually "never" comes to mind. BUT - once in a while, a photo is appropriate for the sepia finish. Like, a great cowboy pic. Pics I don't think are good for sepia are kids, babies, family, maternity, most wedding photos, etc. Basically almost everything. LOL.

w/ texture

Next we have a texture. This one is a rough leather texture. The photo on the left, the texture is much more opaque. You can really see the lines of the hide. The photo on the right the texture is very dark, almost completely losing the details around their feet. I actually like this effect and think that this texture takes this from just a photo of Jake and Kirsten on a haybale, to a piece of artwork that anyone could hang in their home.


Lastly, we have couple of nice brights. Kristin and Jake become silhouettes against an orange sky, which is borderline sepia and could have been pushed even brighter. The photo on the right would be awesome in even pink (Jake takes no guff over wearing pink btw). I think these would be lovely on the cover of a wedding invitation or your thank you cards.

If you have an upcoming wedding, senior photos, family shoot, etc please contact me and we'll set up a time to create some beautiful pieces of art to display in your home!

Monday, March 30, 2009

I'd really like my Monday back. maybe.

I had intended on having some sort of glorious, witty filled update on our weekend, and then realized that it would comprise basically of "we stayed in all day saturday because of snow. We got cabin fever and snippy at each other. We made up. Sunday we had breakfast. We ended up in st. joe looking at antiques, again."

the end.

Instead, I've decided to just share with you the above sunset that took place a few days ago, landing directly over my neighbors house. Sun flare rocks. Yes it was that orange - well almost, I did saturate it some.

2 other things to note:

1. Don't go here. Really. If you have any sort of romantic bone in your body, if you ever dreamed of being swept off your feet by a cowboy (like *me*), don't go there. Don't start. I made the mistake of clicking on that link around noon, and at 10:30 p.m., 43 chapters later, and a with a heavy sigh, finished. To be fair, I did do things like laundry, put on clean clothes, vacuum, go to the bank and post office, peed, and made supper among all that, so it really didn't take the WHOLE 10 hours.

2. It might be time for you to start gathering up your friends and telling them to hit the follow button on the right.

Heck you might as well admit publically that you read the blog *because I already know you do* (evil grin). Ya see, in the next couple weeks, I'm going to start doing some regular giveaways. What? I don't know yet. I keep thinking "this would be good" and that's followed by a "ugh, no that's too crappy" or "that looks worn out". I want good stuff. don't expect a canon 5d or anything, I'm FIRST in line for that. But you might find things like prints, or scrapbook goodies, or photography stuff, or maybe just some printabls, or something I made, or cash or just good old luv. Who knows.

Either way, you'll have to enter to win. Guess what, even friends and relatives are allowed - even Amber (and dear god don't let Amber be the first winner or everyone will think it's rigged to the hilt, besides, I bought her crap all weekend, she can buy her OWN scrapbook crap. Sheesh). ;p


I've been really inspired lately by Pioneer Woman's photos of her farm and her cattle (well, her husband's too). I've always loved cows. Maybe it's because they have those pretty big eyes, or that "perceived" docile creature (Gene has some great mean cow stories), or maybe it's just because they taste so good. :p

Anyway, so Sunday, I went out and hit the back roads trying to find some cows. It's new baby calf season and I wanted some pictures!

Well, I found some, less than a mile from here, and some of them had literally been born within hours of my photos. I could sit and watch cows all day taking pics, but you know, there's not a lot of money in cow photos :p

This little guy really checked me out, til big fat momma cow gave me that gutteral moo that could only be described as "back off bitch". This little one gave an eyeroll and a huff and stomped off.

I love the little tongue sticking out.

Not a cow of course, but this cat was really interested in what I was doing. He came out, sat down and guarded *his cows*.
Good cat.


I had to stop and back up to get these pics, I caught it out of the corner of my eye, almost killed the car when I stopped and backed up shooting out the car window.

Shooting these pics and downloading them on my pc, made me realize, that I really need a better mid range lens. I've informed gene that next big purchase is equipment. Not jewels.

And now lastly, the most elusive cow of all:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project 365

Friday, March 27, 2009

Stuff that Rocks

I often find things online that I think are awesome, and that I think you should think is awesome too. I'll update it randomly as I find stuff that YOU HAVE TO SEE.

OK, so like, I know this is soooo 2007, and I'm the last little trailing duck, but I finally decided to sit down and read Pioneer Woman and see what all this "PW" and "Marlboro Man" is all about. I admit, I've been over by there a couple times, went "ehh" and moved on.

Well, a few days ago, I sat down and read about 4 months worth of the photography section, then ventured into the cooking section. She totally sold me on this recipe, (meatballs, currently at the top) and that's what I'm making tonight.

See, I'm a decent cook. I CAN cook, I just generally choose not to make anything extravagant. I don't need to when one of the glassman's favorite dishes is spaghetti (with sausage) (sauce on top ONLY). I mean, seriously, how easy is my job?

Once in a while I see something that strikes me, so I whip out the big guns and bake/fry/grill/saute/whip away to a masterpiece.
Which is usually followed up by... "that was nice, when are we having spaghetti again?"

*head desk*


I laugh at how much PW (I'm an insider now, I can call her that) and I are alike. You see, we both are beautiful, wonderful photographers, have hot cowboys, ranches and are rich. Well, ok, so my version is watered down a bit a lot.


For no reason in particular except I wanted yarn, I went to St. Joe, and stocked up on enough yarn to crochet a house cozy. Well, not really, but feels like it. How do ppl make something as big as an afgan, heck that crap is expensive. And I just make simple lil' things like scarves, flowers and wash clothes. None of which are "economic" except that I only buy the stuff that's discontinued. *ohhh* I likey.

I will say, that I have used almost every single thing I've bought. There's nothing like having too much of a good thing, that ends up in a storage unit and then tossed in the garbage 10 years later. *srsly* Lots.

Just sayin.

when I get up to downloading and editing some pics, I'll have a few to share. Tonight? (probably not... tomorrow?)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And sometimes paper sucks.

You wouldn't think that 1 square inch of paper would cause so much a havoc. srsly.

I am kinda hating this new printer. I'll reserve judgement for maybe another couple weeks or at least going through some cartridges, but so far, it's a paper jamming bitch. pardon the french.

The first couple days I used it, it ripped a corner of my paper, and I SWORE i could hear it rubbing in there but could not find it. Today, my paper jammed BAD so I had to almost take the stupid thing apart to get to it, and under the paper carriage, over in the corner, I found a well worn piece of paper. A CORNER. grrr.

On top of that, now when it prints, the first print of the day is almost blank. *sigh*. I think I need a new black cartridge or something.

Hoping that piece of paper will fix this issue or I'm going to start having a fit with someone in India for a new one.

*deep breath*
*deep breath*
*get in touch with your inner peace Lana*

In other news, I bought 2 of these trees today. SUPER excited as I found them last year and they were supposed to be my wedding gift, but I think it's kinda sucky to have to buy your OWN wedding present. So instead I got my tea set, and my trees are now my "because I want it" gift. lol.

They are fast growing, and are supposed to grow 6-15 feet *per year*. If you've been out here, you know I don't have a whole lot of trees. I feel like I'm in a cornfield (which I am), (which is not always bad). These babies are going to be planted on each side of my driveway, with some landscaping. *crossing fingers* it looks good and they grow because I need something.

Plus, if they grow well off the bat, I'll probably buy a few more. Happy Birthday to me.

Kristen+Jake, Missouri wedding photographer

I promised this yesterday, but after staying up until 2 a.m., my eyes would not stay open any longer to get it uploaded, and frankly don't you *prefer* my wide awake witticisms? srsly.

Meet Kristen and Jake.

I had the pleasure of photographing them about a week ago. Kristen suggested the rodeo arena and after editing these shots, I tend to agree.

You see, Jake is a cowboy. Ain't it obvious? He drives a truck during the week, but in his free time, he does the rodeo scene. Kristen admitted to me, that she went to rodeos to catch boys, and well, caught one. Otherwise known as a buckle bunny (which I said, not Kristen, although she did have to tell me the term.... buckle bunny just sounds cute, I wanna say it just cuz it's cute. Buckle Bunny).

Now Kristen, she's giggler. Which there might be a little bit of uncomfortable at behind in front of the lens, but you know, it's easier to just run with it and get great shots.

Jake is definitely one of those guys. You know.. "I love my girl, I just wanna get married. I'm doing this to make her happy." We like those guys because there's less training to put into them because they just want to make their girl happy. Don't mistake that for whipped. Look at him, he's a man's man. And wiry. I bet he could take ya.

If you look at this photo very carefully, you'll see a horse sticking his nose out of his stall on the very left. So badly I would have loved for it to show up more

Isn't it neat how the same picture can have 2 entirely different looks? A rotation and change of color and you have a new piece of artwork. Wouldn't this be beautiful as a large canvas? Get bored with it, just rotate the way it hangs and you have new art.

I love how her hair falls just perfectly, and Jake has this blissful look on his face.

One of my very favs from the whole shoot. I want some kiss arse boots like that.

Don't see engagement pics on a horse trailer just every day do you?

One of my very favs from the group. Watch for some new takes on this photo this week!

Thanks to Kristen and Jake for letting me take their pics. They are having a "cowboy weddin'" as my mother in law would say.

Funny story, when Gene and I were getting married, Carol brought up the Cowboy Weddin' story, and well, we decided to run with it. We decided that we were having a Mexican cowboy wedding with a mariachi band and all kinds of tall tales. Really helped downplay the flag dress. LOL.

PS. Jake, thanks for wearing your hat! I was all kinds of happy when I saw it. Prolly because I have a soft spot for cowboys. LOL.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello world

Yesterday it sounded like God was trying to blow me off the planet. He almost succeeded.

After the wind died down, that's when the lightning picked up, then the hail. After that, thunder so loud it shook the dishes in the cabinets. *no kidding*. Today, sunny for about 1/2 the day, then chilly and cloudy again. Calling for snow this week!!!


In the meantime, I found this guy in the driveway, trying to escape into the grass. Yes, I decided to lay down on the sidewalk for a better shot. Catepillars move faster than you might think.

Both are much more impressive if you view them full size. click on the pic to view full image.

I was laying on the ground, and moved and heard a nearby bird fly away. Literally he was 10 feet away, so I'm thinking he saw this guy first. I tried to save him by moving him into the grass.

God speed little caterpillar!

Working on Kristen and Jake's pics. There are tons of good ones. I had one I messed with for literally over an hour last night, and decided it was best just straight out of the camera. *sigh*.

I'll post more tonight, if I get them done... or closer to done.

Project 365

Monday, March 23, 2009


My Saturday was quite productive, til the end when I petered out. There was an all day crop and I met up with Linda and Stacy, and Stacy brought her friends Andrea and Wendy. Of course, there was also all the regular gals. I honestly got tired of hearing the cricut machines running by the end of the day - and I never thought I'd say that.

I accomplished quite a bit. A bunch of cards (and frankly I've always felt like I suck at cards), and a bunch of pages for Seth's school pic album. For the record, I've scrapbooked every single school photo (seth)!!! Wooot. Go me.

My former mother in law, Dorothy, always made an album for all the grandkids. It included things like their programs for concerts and snapshots she'd taken over the years. It was not fancy but you could tell they were full of love, and always a hit. Sadly, Dorothy passed away a couple years ago so there will be no special Grandma album for Seth and Tanner, since they were so much younger than all the other grandkids.

I feel a bit of an obligation to make sure the boys get some school albums. Even tho Dorothy did not use pretty flowers or fancy paper, she was religious about saving ticket stubs, and drawings. I'm not as good with that sort of thing. Well, I am, it's the keeping it organized part that's difficult for me!

Anyway, I'd already had 8th - Senior done for Seth in his special annual christmas album, so I made the rest of these to go in that album.

Warning. If you think boys shouldn't have flowers or bling on their pages, then you're not going to enjoy this very much.

That paisley paper is one of my favs of all time. I found it on clearance at Archivers and literally bought like 15 sheets. Every once in a while, one sheet of paper strikes me, and I buy it every time I see it. *and use it*.
  • Honestly, I can't remember who makes it. LOL.
  • The rest of the paper is We R Memory Keepers.
  • Journaling papers are from Making Memories.
  • Big K is from cricut storybook cartridge. (my new fav)
  • Quote sticker from Autumn leaves.

I love this rocket paper, and wished I'd bought 2 sheets instead of just one. I had to work hard to make it work over 2 pages. :p The 2nd grade pic? Well, confession. We totally forgot to return the picture packet to school and so seth had no "official" school photo. DOH. So within a couple days, we went to the traveling walmart photographer (back when there was no dedicated studio in walmart) and took "school" pics. Good fake isn't it? LOL. Please note the stitching "blast off" from the rocket. Go me.
  • Paper: No idea. cosmo cricket? I suck at remembering that stuff.
  • sticker letter: Thickers by american crafts
  • chipboard accents: K & Company

This pair was harder since I only had small photos. I needed more accents. That snake, I've had it a good 6-7 years. I still like it, even tho it's way too thick to be in a scrapbook. I don't care. It won't be around in 2078. No really. *I'm ok with that* Me and that snake, we've wrangled before. His twin brother is on another page years ago, but glue dots won't stick to that sucker so I stitched him down.
  • Paper: HA... you know the routine. it makes me think of Heidi grace, but it's NOT.
  • Numbers: Storybook/Cricut again
  • Charm: Old. Real old. From Hobby Lobby circa 2002
  • Circles: Also circa 2002 (I looked at the copyright date). I believe they're KI memories
  • Quote sticker: Autumn leaves
  • Flowers: Prima
  • Bling: Hobby Lobby cheapo brand.. can't remember the name. Stampabilities?
  • rd sticker letters: American crafts

The bottom paper, I know this one! K&co and another of my fav papers of all time. Unfortunately it comes in a pack. I won't be buying bunches of packs for this paper, although I'd love to.
  • Sticker letters: Doodlebug, loopy Lou. I LOVE these. I can only find them in brown, although I admit that I haven't looked online.
  • Everything else, is a repeat of stuff I've already used. Getting lazy so look up^^

  • Paper: Diecuts with a view Green Stack
  • Rest... see above

Sunday was a little less eventful. My highlights were hanging the shelving brackets for my desk in my scrapbook room and trying to slice off the tip of my index finger. Fingers bleed. a lot.

Today I must make myself go outside. I'd dreamed of a bright sunshiney day, and hanging clothes out on laundry day in my bare feet, but instead it sounds like the wicket witch and the tornado is knocking at my back door. Hrummfpt.

BUT, I still have to go pay the propane bill. blech. Go to Sutherlands and buy fun stuff. (sometimes it's fun there) and force myself into Walmart. Please god, make walgreens come SOON.

PS. Thank yous to Carol and Tina for the heads up on the bagworms. blech. Picked and taken care of by glass men that don't mind dirty buggy icky things.

Thanks to Tina and Sarah for the birdy update. Sigh. he probably went on to better pastures, but I am going to look for some birdfeeders and birdhouses for whomever would like to move in! I don't have squirrels or deer, but I do have butterflies and birds, so I'm going to run with it.

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