Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kristen+Jake, Missouri wedding photographer

I promised this yesterday, but after staying up until 2 a.m., my eyes would not stay open any longer to get it uploaded, and frankly don't you *prefer* my wide awake witticisms? srsly.

Meet Kristen and Jake.

I had the pleasure of photographing them about a week ago. Kristen suggested the rodeo arena and after editing these shots, I tend to agree.

You see, Jake is a cowboy. Ain't it obvious? He drives a truck during the week, but in his free time, he does the rodeo scene. Kristen admitted to me, that she went to rodeos to catch boys, and well, caught one. Otherwise known as a buckle bunny (which I said, not Kristen, although she did have to tell me the term.... buckle bunny just sounds cute, I wanna say it just cuz it's cute. Buckle Bunny).

Now Kristen, she's giggler. Which there might be a little bit of uncomfortable at behind in front of the lens, but you know, it's easier to just run with it and get great shots.

Jake is definitely one of those guys. You know.. "I love my girl, I just wanna get married. I'm doing this to make her happy." We like those guys because there's less training to put into them because they just want to make their girl happy. Don't mistake that for whipped. Look at him, he's a man's man. And wiry. I bet he could take ya.

If you look at this photo very carefully, you'll see a horse sticking his nose out of his stall on the very left. So badly I would have loved for it to show up more

Isn't it neat how the same picture can have 2 entirely different looks? A rotation and change of color and you have a new piece of artwork. Wouldn't this be beautiful as a large canvas? Get bored with it, just rotate the way it hangs and you have new art.

I love how her hair falls just perfectly, and Jake has this blissful look on his face.

One of my very favs from the whole shoot. I want some kiss arse boots like that.

Don't see engagement pics on a horse trailer just every day do you?

One of my very favs from the group. Watch for some new takes on this photo this week!

Thanks to Kristen and Jake for letting me take their pics. They are having a "cowboy weddin'" as my mother in law would say.

Funny story, when Gene and I were getting married, Carol brought up the Cowboy Weddin' story, and well, we decided to run with it. We decided that we were having a Mexican cowboy wedding with a mariachi band and all kinds of tall tales. Really helped downplay the flag dress. LOL.

PS. Jake, thanks for wearing your hat! I was all kinds of happy when I saw it. Prolly because I have a soft spot for cowboys. LOL.


ally™ said...

these are great shots. I love the last one.

Anonymous said...

You're going to have... Let me think here around half a dozen comments from me, whining about how cruel you are to post pictures of another Cowboy Jake. I love the photos with the horse trailer, and round bales!

gowestferalwoman said...

THESE are really nice shots - candid shots that will mean so much to the them can just tell they are madly in love and you captured it perfectly!

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