Monday, March 30, 2009


I've been really inspired lately by Pioneer Woman's photos of her farm and her cattle (well, her husband's too). I've always loved cows. Maybe it's because they have those pretty big eyes, or that "perceived" docile creature (Gene has some great mean cow stories), or maybe it's just because they taste so good. :p

Anyway, so Sunday, I went out and hit the back roads trying to find some cows. It's new baby calf season and I wanted some pictures!

Well, I found some, less than a mile from here, and some of them had literally been born within hours of my photos. I could sit and watch cows all day taking pics, but you know, there's not a lot of money in cow photos :p

This little guy really checked me out, til big fat momma cow gave me that gutteral moo that could only be described as "back off bitch". This little one gave an eyeroll and a huff and stomped off.

I love the little tongue sticking out.

Not a cow of course, but this cat was really interested in what I was doing. He came out, sat down and guarded *his cows*.
Good cat.


I had to stop and back up to get these pics, I caught it out of the corner of my eye, almost killed the car when I stopped and backed up shooting out the car window.

Shooting these pics and downloading them on my pc, made me realize, that I really need a better mid range lens. I've informed gene that next big purchase is equipment. Not jewels.

And now lastly, the most elusive cow of all:

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Tina said...

That's what I need to do - get some cow pictures. I love the baby calves. Maybe I'll take a stroll down to the neighbors tomorrow. You are so inspiring !! Oh yeah, I will post everyweek but not shoulder stories :) It's coming along pretty darn good. I'm headed to Wisconsin on Thursday so that should be a good post !

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