Friday, March 13, 2009

This rocks

Another installment of stuff that rocks.

I wanted to share something from my good friend Kal Barteski. Now when I say "My good friend" I mean that lady whom I share my Honeybunches of Oats *with almonds* every morning. I'm sure she just knows me as that nutjob that comments on her posts.

Kal is an incredible artist, and mom to 2 cutie patooties. (Pilot and Penn). Oh yeah, and then there's Dan the only hot accountant I've ever known. LOL. Sorry Kal. Sorry Dan.

A couple months ago, Kal started making "you are awesome" prints. They were customized for each person including their name, a favorite critter, favorite colors and exactly why they are awesome.

I know lots of you. I know lots of reasons why you are awesome. Heck I think *I am awesome* (sometimes). But alas, I have not bought any yet.

So maybe holding out was a good thing.

{image used with permission from Kal}

Kal made a set of mini prints! 10 - 5x7's for $27 USD (free shipping).

Ohhhh... pretty. Now my mind is wondering again.... where would I hang 10 (because I'm selfish and want them all), would I break them up and give everyone I know a cute Kal print, or would I put them in a scrapbook? and if so, for who? (me probably cuz I'm selfish remember? LOL)

*I want*

I Love them, and I think you should love them too!

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