Monday, March 16, 2009

That's hot.


We have 2 acres and this past year, we only started out with a push mower, so we were just NoT going to push the whole thing. About 1/2 of an acre was mowed and we let the rest just grow up.

Well, it was actually kinda fun. There were flowers and critters (mostly the buggy type) and a trillion butterflies. The down side was when it died it looked like arse.

I'd mulled over for months how to get it trimmed back, and finally decided that burning it was going to be the solution. I worried tho, because some of it was really high, and would it get out of hand? I didn't want my house to catch on fire or something. LOL.

Gene reassured me it was not going to get out of hand. We set out a plan of attack and decided we would section it off in pieces according to which direction the wind was blowing.

1.5 hours later and I'm surrounded on 2 sides by crispy-ness.

I was most worried about my 5-6 trees. Again, he assured me the trees wouldn't burn up, and I assured him the fire department goes to tree fires on a semi-regular basis. (although I don't think I'd call them out for a 6 foot tree - but I'd sure be pissed off).

My trees made it ok, after I went around and pulled all the grass out from around them. Or maybe that had nothing to do with it, but it made me feel better anyway.

Only one little bit got into the field and we started burning up corn stalks. heh... ooops. but we got back on top of it quickly. I think we also flickered our own electricity as it went around the light pole as we came back in and had to reset all the clocks. Ooops again. lol.
I'm so looking forward to the grass that will grow up and turn bright green again soon.
For the record, I'm still going to let most of it grow up again, I couldn't resist all the fun we had with it, regardless of how ghetto it was.

In other news:

Gene is collecting vintage pieces of jewelry to either remake or to restore for resell. This has given me an opportunity to work on my ring detail shots. He'll be opening an etsy shop soon, so watch for it!

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