Friday, March 13, 2009

If it's in print.. it's true

Thinking about what my topic would be today, I realized that I had several things, in print, that I'd not shared with you yet.

For starters, I feel so grown up and legit!

My first yellow page ad!

(which reminds me, pay the yellow page bill lol)

I contacted YP about 3 months ago. All I wanted was just my name listed. The sales guy was in the area, so he stopped by the house (which I'm not a big fan of sales ppl) but he won me over before he got in the door. He stood on my back deck and looked at the sky and said "wow, this is beautiful out here. It's huge."

HA. sold.

So I ended up getting a B/W ad on the yellow pages. It's at the very top. Makes me look so fru-fru. Torrie doesn't even know she's a yellow page ad. Sorry Torrie.

Second thing in print, was this lovely wedding announcement. Yes I KNOW we were married 8 months ago so shaddup. My first go-around I never got around to getting the announcement in the paper (and I WORKED AT THE PAPER sheesh). I always regretted that so I didn't want it to slip by again. When I saw someone from May, I decided it wasn't too late. LOL.

And lastly, some new business cards:

4,000 of them.

No really.

Gene has been giving them out like they were his job and my old way (photo prints) were getting to be too expensive if I was going to do it like that. So I narrowed it down to 4 designs (I like to give one depending on the situation), couldn't decide on which 3 to make 3,000 and Gene said screw it and get all 4. So tomorrow, I should have about 15 pounds of business cards on their way to me. LOL.


Quite a little list of stuff to do today. Mainly business stuff. I decided I needed to crack out the alarm clock. blech. work for no one, and I have to set an alarm to get up. that sucks.

Down with "the man!"

Oh wait. I'm "the man".


1 comment:

Courtney Paris said...

fancy!!! love your ad, it looks really good, and I'm interested to hear how it works out, what with people using the interwebz and all that!

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