Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seth's infinite wisdom

St. Pat's day around these parts was crazy beautiful. Literally 80 degrees out during the day, the sun was shining, light breeze. Beautiful.

Tanner had his paper route to do, Gene had called to say he was on his way home and would pick up Tanner. About 5:15 the phone rings and it's Seth. He wanted to know if we were BBQing. I said no, why did he want to know?

His response: "Well have you looked outside today?"

I couldn't argue with his logic.

15 min later I had the grill ready to fire up. We ended up with chicken and brats, and burgers that were supposed to be for Gene's lunch but didn't end up that way. The one person that wanted a burger (seth) didn't end up with one! Sorry seth.

Look at this look. I'm getting used to it. He has a wife that's a photographer, Sheesh - get over it dude you have like 50 more years of it.

With the weather getting warmer, Tanner has been getting more "booooooored". So he brought one of his bikes out to keep him entertained. Yes, he's already driven through the ash. That's where his bike chain fell off, and yes he walked through the house. ergh.

To keep us entertained while the chicken was cooking, we sent Tanner on an expedition. We literally can see a mile in 3 directions. a looooooong way off (about a mile or so as the crow flies) there's a bridge. I told Tanner to drive to the bridge, call me and I'd take his picture.

And that's with my 70-200mm lense, so you can see how far away he really was.

Peddling back too longer than peddling out. He says he was driving upwind. Sure Tanner. :p

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