Monday, March 9, 2009

Tayen turns 1

One quick year has come and past
Tayen Aliyah is one at last.

My niece Tayen turned one last week and we went to her bday party on Sunday. We had fun, got to see my sisters and mom, got to love on Tayen a little bit. Ate some cake and some kick ass ice cream (You forget how good the real stuff is when you buy fat free frozen yogurt - the cheap crap - all the time lol)

We bought her a piggy bank, complete with some change - yes grandma suggested it get passed and then *did it*. sheesh mom. LOL. Leave it to Aunt Lana/Uncle Gene to give the nice practical gift. At least I didn't give her Dave Ramsey for kids book (seriously, we have to save something for her SECOND birthday don't we??)

Amber and Cole bought Tayen a kitchen. Amber was hell bent on getting it put together before she went home. There was only one tiny minor breakdown when we couldn't find the screws. LOL
It was a hit.

Uncle Gene has this girl tribe thing kicked.

Happy Bday Tayen from crazy Aunt Lana (the cool aunt)

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