Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome spring!

Things are waking up around here. Cept me, I slept in today, so did Tanner.

OK, what kind of bird is this? Is it just a bluebird? I saw a flash of blue in the front yard, so I started snapping pictures. He(she?) played in 3 trees in the front yard for about an hour yesterday.

I want to get REALLY GOOD bird pics. No idea why, cept I love birds.

I know this one is a robin. :) She cussed at me for quite a while.

My favorite tree is waking up too. Lots of little buds getting ready to burst into leaves.

Tanner did some laundry yesterday and I talked him into hanging it outside because it was so nice out. Kinda scalped my "first clothesline of the year" tho. Hrrrmpt.

Some cocoons on the front bushes, there are several of these. I'm kinda hoping it's butterflies and not spiders. Just sayin.

Even Jingles got in on the action. I left the door open and he decided the best spot in the house was in front of the glass door.

And not necessarily spring, but definitely those thoughts of escape yesterday. I was playing with my 70-200mm zoom and got this pic. Love how you can even see the color of the tail.

Still planning the honeymoon for spring, but now Gene has to do a bunch of testing around the time that we were planning on going, so GRRR. Have to hold off again!

Tanner's best friend is here to spend the night. He doesn't get a ton of friends out here as no one wants to drive "so far" out into the country. LOL. You'd think Maryville was full of a bunch of city folks.


Tina said...

Those are called Eastern Bluebirds. If you don't have any bluebird houses up they will move on. I have 3 here so I have to get started on making my houses. TODAY ! The coccons will end up killing your tree. Thye are a bad thing :)

~Caro~ said...

Yup, that's an eastern bluebird. In french we call 'em "merlebleu de l'est" :)
And it's a male, btw. Females aren't as bright coloured.

You're lucky- i've never seen 'em here!

Mariah said...

those "coccons" are actually called bag worms they are full of worms that will end up taking over any evergreen tree or shrub you have if you are not careful the best thing to do would be take them off and burn them to kill everything.

Lana said...

Thanks all... about the bag worms. yes, already covered and taken care of. Wouldn't matter much, we have one evergreen bush and it's getting cut down in summer anyway!

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