Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And sometimes paper sucks.

You wouldn't think that 1 square inch of paper would cause so much a havoc. srsly.

I am kinda hating this new printer. I'll reserve judgement for maybe another couple weeks or at least going through some cartridges, but so far, it's a paper jamming bitch. pardon the french.

The first couple days I used it, it ripped a corner of my paper, and I SWORE i could hear it rubbing in there but could not find it. Today, my paper jammed BAD so I had to almost take the stupid thing apart to get to it, and under the paper carriage, over in the corner, I found a well worn piece of paper. A CORNER. grrr.

On top of that, now when it prints, the first print of the day is almost blank. *sigh*. I think I need a new black cartridge or something.

Hoping that piece of paper will fix this issue or I'm going to start having a fit with someone in India for a new one.

*deep breath*
*deep breath*
*get in touch with your inner peace Lana*

In other news, I bought 2 of these trees today. SUPER excited as I found them last year and they were supposed to be my wedding gift, but I think it's kinda sucky to have to buy your OWN wedding present. So instead I got my tea set, and my trees are now my "because I want it" gift. lol.

They are fast growing, and are supposed to grow 6-15 feet *per year*. If you've been out here, you know I don't have a whole lot of trees. I feel like I'm in a cornfield (which I am), (which is not always bad). These babies are going to be planted on each side of my driveway, with some landscaping. *crossing fingers* it looks good and they grow because I need something.

Plus, if they grow well off the bat, I'll probably buy a few more. Happy Birthday to me.

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