Monday, March 30, 2009

I'd really like my Monday back. maybe.

I had intended on having some sort of glorious, witty filled update on our weekend, and then realized that it would comprise basically of "we stayed in all day saturday because of snow. We got cabin fever and snippy at each other. We made up. Sunday we had breakfast. We ended up in st. joe looking at antiques, again."

the end.

Instead, I've decided to just share with you the above sunset that took place a few days ago, landing directly over my neighbors house. Sun flare rocks. Yes it was that orange - well almost, I did saturate it some.

2 other things to note:

1. Don't go here. Really. If you have any sort of romantic bone in your body, if you ever dreamed of being swept off your feet by a cowboy (like *me*), don't go there. Don't start. I made the mistake of clicking on that link around noon, and at 10:30 p.m., 43 chapters later, and a with a heavy sigh, finished. To be fair, I did do things like laundry, put on clean clothes, vacuum, go to the bank and post office, peed, and made supper among all that, so it really didn't take the WHOLE 10 hours.

2. It might be time for you to start gathering up your friends and telling them to hit the follow button on the right.

Heck you might as well admit publically that you read the blog *because I already know you do* (evil grin). Ya see, in the next couple weeks, I'm going to start doing some regular giveaways. What? I don't know yet. I keep thinking "this would be good" and that's followed by a "ugh, no that's too crappy" or "that looks worn out". I want good stuff. don't expect a canon 5d or anything, I'm FIRST in line for that. But you might find things like prints, or scrapbook goodies, or photography stuff, or maybe just some printabls, or something I made, or cash or just good old luv. Who knows.

Either way, you'll have to enter to win. Guess what, even friends and relatives are allowed - even Amber (and dear god don't let Amber be the first winner or everyone will think it's rigged to the hilt, besides, I bought her crap all weekend, she can buy her OWN scrapbook crap. Sheesh). ;p

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