Thursday, December 27, 2012

I'm exhausted

And I still have another Christmas yet to go!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Boo says Meowy-chwistmas.

Mack and Jingles say "who is this interloper and get him out of my house! (and we're not talking about Santa)"

Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Somewhere, out there, I imagine a pilot saying....


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Older or dumber? A quandry

This past six months has been kind of rough on me and I can't figure out if it's because I'm getting older or because I'm getting dumber.

God forbid it's both.

Like for example, back this summer I was being all smarmy as I walked along the deck joists, literally thinking at that moment "damn I'm getting pretty good at this."  Just about then I stepped on a short, unfastened deck board and fell through the deck.  Thankfully, the deck was only a couple feet off the ground or I'd have been a goner.  It didn't save me though from looking like I got the crap beat out of me.

I warned Gene a couple times to be nice to me or I'd take photos and fake some tears.
That usually straightens him right up. ;)

Then in July, 2 days before a wedding double header weekend, I'm on a shoot and I feel a weird pop in my knee.  It doesn't "feel right".  The next day, I'm standing in my bathroom wondering if I should go to the chiro or not and as I turn to leave the bathroom, my knee twists and I about hit the floor.

A call to the chiro, begging him to take me in, a tearful visit and some acupuncture got me to where I was at least able to fumble about.  I made it through the double header weekend ok, but I had to make a knee brace (they didn't have any that fit me right).

That took about 4 months to fix itself.  Apparently I have had problems with my lower back so long that it's throwing muscles in my legs out of whack, that's putting pressure on a kneecap.
Who knew right?

Then to top it all off, about a month ago, I went to sit down at my desk at home.  Above my desk is a bank of cabinet doors.  Truth is, I'm really bad about leaving cabinet doors open.  I didn't see it, and hit my head on it.  Which doesn't sound that bad except for the part that the cabinet door was pointing directly at me, and the door edge comes to somewhat a point.

I've never hit my head so hard in my life.

I sat down and moaned a bit.  Instant headache.
Amusing enough, my husband said nothing.  Not even a "everything ok?" 
*growly face*

Maybe he was waiting for me to stop breathing.

Anyway, It took 4 days for my headache to go away and I'm pretty sure I had a mild concussion.  Or maybe it was just that dent I put in my skull.
No lie.
I now have a dent IN MY SKULL.

If I touched it for several weeks, it would give me a headache.  Yep, pretty sure someone would want to stick me in a big tube scan my brain if I complained.

Maybe they would figure out if my brain had turned to mush.
Damn kids.  I used to be normal.

Stop laughing.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wanna win some free diamond earrings?


Go over to this link and click like.  If you click share too, you'll be entered twice! Gene is giving away a pair of 1/4 tcw earrings.   No catch, just spreading the good cheer.

See, he's a way bigger softy than he looks!

Hurry, deadline is Saturday night!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A story about the Pop Tart Fairy

This calls for a pop tart haiku
oh pop tart so sweet
Pop Tart Fairy flutters by
come rot out my teeth

On a cool crisp day in late November of every fall, if you're very, very patient, quiet and don't use any big swear words, you'll get a visit from the pop tart fairy.

The pop tart fairy is much like the tooth fairy.  Only fatter and her wings are smaller.  Oh, and she doesn't leave you a quarter under your pillow, she leaves you a pop tart on your deck.

So children, if you're very quiet and still you might catch a glimpse of her as she deposits a brown sugar and cinnamon pop tart on your hand rail, there just for you for being good girls and boys.

Either that or a teenage boy accidentally leaves them as he locks himself out of the house on the way to school.
Something like that.

So proud that my kid knows how to break into houses.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Signs, signs everywhere there's signs

If you've been following along, you know that our world has been turned kind of upside down by the lost of a job and the start of a new business in the past few months.
Things are going well, and we are making headway.  For starters, the decals for the truck are finally done.  This was a *really big deal* to Gene.  We tried to buy them on the internet, but a few days after we finally ordered, they were underwater on the east coast due to Hurricane Sandy.
Some investigating, and we found Eye candy Graphics.  Local, fast and installed by them, FOR LESS MONEY.  Note to self: check local more often.
 Apparently this was a bigger deal to Gene than I thought it was!  He's been happy for days that his big bad truck is advertising him all over 4 states now.

In other news, this was my view for half the day on Friday:

 I looked out my window to see that, while inside, I was doing this:

 Yep, painted my own sign too!  Not that we don't have some kick ass sign people in the area, but because I really am trying to save money.  Plus I've done it before and kind of had an idea of what I wanted done. 

At one time, I had this crazy Idea I'd be a sign painter.
Wow am I glad I didn't do that.  I start getting squirrelly somewhere around the 3rd coat of paint.

Very very carefully, we lifted the sign into place and Gene secured it to the wall (in lots of places!)  Drilling into brick is not fun, and he had to wear hearing protection even.


It's done!

We're officially official!

BTW, it says "and Gallery" because when we finally get everything settled, I'll be painting in this space also and will probably share some of my artwork there that people can stop in and buy if they like.  Or just browse.  Or stop in and chit chat.  Or annoy me... whatever your pleasure. :)

Hopefully within the next few months it will get even better.  We have a couple exciting things up our sleeves and I'll share as we go.  Have to keep them secret for a while first though!

I promise that sometime soon this blog will go back to being a blog about something besides a storefront.

Pinky swear.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My other baby

Even though, Tanner is "technically" my baby boy (even at 18), Jingles will always be my *other* baby.  Like I gave birth to the furry little brat myself.

Sorry Boo Kitty.
You should let me hold you like a baby and kiss YOUR face, and maybe you'd have a shot at the ring.
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