Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Older or dumber? A quandry

This past six months has been kind of rough on me and I can't figure out if it's because I'm getting older or because I'm getting dumber.

God forbid it's both.

Like for example, back this summer I was being all smarmy as I walked along the deck joists, literally thinking at that moment "damn I'm getting pretty good at this."  Just about then I stepped on a short, unfastened deck board and fell through the deck.  Thankfully, the deck was only a couple feet off the ground or I'd have been a goner.  It didn't save me though from looking like I got the crap beat out of me.

I warned Gene a couple times to be nice to me or I'd take photos and fake some tears.
That usually straightens him right up. ;)

Then in July, 2 days before a wedding double header weekend, I'm on a shoot and I feel a weird pop in my knee.  It doesn't "feel right".  The next day, I'm standing in my bathroom wondering if I should go to the chiro or not and as I turn to leave the bathroom, my knee twists and I about hit the floor.

A call to the chiro, begging him to take me in, a tearful visit and some acupuncture got me to where I was at least able to fumble about.  I made it through the double header weekend ok, but I had to make a knee brace (they didn't have any that fit me right).

That took about 4 months to fix itself.  Apparently I have had problems with my lower back so long that it's throwing muscles in my legs out of whack, that's putting pressure on a kneecap.
Who knew right?

Then to top it all off, about a month ago, I went to sit down at my desk at home.  Above my desk is a bank of cabinet doors.  Truth is, I'm really bad about leaving cabinet doors open.  I didn't see it, and hit my head on it.  Which doesn't sound that bad except for the part that the cabinet door was pointing directly at me, and the door edge comes to somewhat a point.

I've never hit my head so hard in my life.

I sat down and moaned a bit.  Instant headache.
Amusing enough, my husband said nothing.  Not even a "everything ok?" 
*growly face*

Maybe he was waiting for me to stop breathing.

Anyway, It took 4 days for my headache to go away and I'm pretty sure I had a mild concussion.  Or maybe it was just that dent I put in my skull.
No lie.
I now have a dent IN MY SKULL.

If I touched it for several weeks, it would give me a headache.  Yep, pretty sure someone would want to stick me in a big tube scan my brain if I complained.

Maybe they would figure out if my brain had turned to mush.
Damn kids.  I used to be normal.

Stop laughing.

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