Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A story about the Pop Tart Fairy

This calls for a pop tart haiku
oh pop tart so sweet
Pop Tart Fairy flutters by
come rot out my teeth

On a cool crisp day in late November of every fall, if you're very, very patient, quiet and don't use any big swear words, you'll get a visit from the pop tart fairy.

The pop tart fairy is much like the tooth fairy.  Only fatter and her wings are smaller.  Oh, and she doesn't leave you a quarter under your pillow, she leaves you a pop tart on your deck.

So children, if you're very quiet and still you might catch a glimpse of her as she deposits a brown sugar and cinnamon pop tart on your hand rail, there just for you for being good girls and boys.

Either that or a teenage boy accidentally leaves them as he locks himself out of the house on the way to school.
Something like that.

So proud that my kid knows how to break into houses.

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