Friday, March 27, 2009

Stuff that Rocks

I often find things online that I think are awesome, and that I think you should think is awesome too. I'll update it randomly as I find stuff that YOU HAVE TO SEE.

OK, so like, I know this is soooo 2007, and I'm the last little trailing duck, but I finally decided to sit down and read Pioneer Woman and see what all this "PW" and "Marlboro Man" is all about. I admit, I've been over by there a couple times, went "ehh" and moved on.

Well, a few days ago, I sat down and read about 4 months worth of the photography section, then ventured into the cooking section. She totally sold me on this recipe, (meatballs, currently at the top) and that's what I'm making tonight.

See, I'm a decent cook. I CAN cook, I just generally choose not to make anything extravagant. I don't need to when one of the glassman's favorite dishes is spaghetti (with sausage) (sauce on top ONLY). I mean, seriously, how easy is my job?

Once in a while I see something that strikes me, so I whip out the big guns and bake/fry/grill/saute/whip away to a masterpiece.
Which is usually followed up by... "that was nice, when are we having spaghetti again?"

*head desk*


I laugh at how much PW (I'm an insider now, I can call her that) and I are alike. You see, we both are beautiful, wonderful photographers, have hot cowboys, ranches and are rich. Well, ok, so my version is watered down a bit a lot.


For no reason in particular except I wanted yarn, I went to St. Joe, and stocked up on enough yarn to crochet a house cozy. Well, not really, but feels like it. How do ppl make something as big as an afgan, heck that crap is expensive. And I just make simple lil' things like scarves, flowers and wash clothes. None of which are "economic" except that I only buy the stuff that's discontinued. *ohhh* I likey.

I will say, that I have used almost every single thing I've bought. There's nothing like having too much of a good thing, that ends up in a storage unit and then tossed in the garbage 10 years later. *srsly* Lots.

Just sayin.

when I get up to downloading and editing some pics, I'll have a few to share. Tonight? (probably not... tomorrow?)

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Tina said...

Mmmmm, sounds good, I will have to try it. Check out my blog - you will love the new one I'm following.

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