Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wanna know a secret?

Just a quick note.... more later this afternoon I hope.

Maryville has a secret. Well, not a complete secret. It's a new little fabric shop called Sew for Fun owned by Pam Baumli. They are located in the same location that I used to have years ago, and the same location where the scrapbook store was... so srsly, only good things can come out of there right? :)

If you love quilting, sewing, designing, heck even if you just like fabric, you should go. Buy lots of stuff. really.

She has a ton of fabric, 10 times what you can get any place else in town. She also does long arm quilting, which we needed one of those around here. Every time I go in there, I want to start quilting. *I can't take on another hobby, I can't take on another hobby*.

Just sayin'.

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