Monday, March 9, 2009

Hey Thor, this is Og. I need to axe you sumptin'

When my dear sweet husband, was the ripe old age of 12, he was a boyscout. One day, his troop went on a "trip" (which btw was like 3 miles from his house) to a local park. Actually at that point it wasn't even a park yet, it was just some old man's land.

Exploring the creek bed he found this:

Well, kind of.
He actually found the head. He kinda made the handle himself (which I'm impressed it's lasted as long as it has! Go tiny Gene.)

So about a month or so ago, when we went to that antique show in St. Joe, I found a flyer for an upcoming artifact show. My motives were actually pretty selfish. I'd found a bowl, clay, handpainted, at a garage sale for $2. Actually, I went back to buy it not because it is beautiful, but because it looks real and you don't see pottery like that anymore. I thought maybe I could find someone that knew something about it.

So Saturday we went off to Agency, which is right near St. Joe. We also figured out that there's a boatload of really nice houses in between the locations. Probably those folks that want to live out in the quaint countryside (eyeroll). Every 3rd house had a pool.

We get there and theres about 10 tables, almost all arroheads and an interesting lot of the locals. Heck, we even saw General Custer. LOL. We stand in line for a short time, listening to the expert as he evaluates each piece. There were some more arrowheads, the tip of a knife, a rock that was probably some little boy's toy, and a rock that was shaped like a bird, but only by coincidence.

We get to the front of the line, and Gene pulls out the axe. The expert gets a funny look on his face like "what are you trying to pull". hah. I then tell him, that the handle was put on when Gene was a little boy, and he found the rock when he was a scout.

The expert then goes on to tell us that the rock is an axe, that the marking on the side is not a tree (but it sure looks like it) but probably just a natural marking, and by how it's made, it's 6,000-7,000 YEARS OLD!

Not native american indians from 200 years ago in the wild west, but 4,000 years *before* christ walked the earth! Absolutely amazing!

He also told us that we should probably take the handle off (which gene is kinda disappointed about) and display it in a display case. We'll see.

Maybe that new car is a little more easily attained now! ;)

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the Goodwife said...

Wow! That's amazing! What a find...

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