Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our homemade wedding - Scrapbook page

This layout kicked my butt. Not because it was hard, but because in the middle of printing these very photos, that's when my printer shot craps. Then walmart's printer shot craps, and I had them print them 3 times, and they lost about $15 in photo paper, and I bought seven $.19 prints total. I feel bad, but dude they sucked. *they still didn't look right*


I wanted to make a layout of all the things that I made for the wedding, and I think I win the ultimate DIY bridal blowout of '08! I honestly made more than I didn't make. And I had fun. And I'd do it all over again.

PS. I didn't make my dress. I know some ppl think I did, but I did not. It's a Lady Roi dress, and I think it's discontinued now, but there are other patriotic dresses available on the market, Lady Roi still does make them if you're wondering.

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