Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meet my new love:

Yesterday I had a re-meet with a bride, and so I went to town early to run a couple errands. The bank stop, which was I estimated around 20 min, took about 3 min. I had 15-20 minutes to kill.

I decided to head uptown, and hit the local antique store "Bookstop Antiques". There was nothing that I had to have - I kind of wanted a wooden cigar box I found for one whole dollar, but decided I probably had one at home.

I left empty handed, and looked at the window display on the way out.

Sitting smack in the middle, inside of a cute little bird cage was this yellow fellow:

For some reason I just loved his face. That quirky 60's Japanese look. BUT, I left him there, went next door to the quilt shop, looked around for a bit, and then left and went back. I knew I'd regret it if I didn't take him home.

He's made by Kamar in 1967 and I now have a new obsession. I bought a lion to go with him, and found another fox and a skunk I want too. LOL. I also found a mohair fawn but oh man that's expensive!

It all harkens back to my old bear days and the small collection I have, that I've not added to in eons. Now I want more!

I just want the record to show, we still have snow.
Shot through the glass back door that was fogging up. This is my childhood sled which needs to go back to storage, but looks at home on the deck in the snow.

I have issues - that's all I have to say about this.

One last creepy thing to add. Last night, Gene had gone to bed, as had Tanner. I was sitting on the couch watching Dr. Phil and crocheting. All the sudden, I heard something that could only be described as someone trying to turn the doorknob!!! Mack even turned quick and growled. It took me about 4 seconds to hit the bedroom and wake up, and it took Gene about *23 min* to get up, get dressed, find a weapon and go outside - to which he only found the light left on in his van.

Thank god it wasn't terrorists trying to break in, we'd all be wallhangings right now!

Slow moving day, I had some weird dreams all night, then woke up feeling foggy. Didn't REALLY wake up until around noon. I hate that - like I was drugged or something.

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