Monday, March 2, 2009

My favorite deadly sin: Gluttony

{I want a duck}

Other alternate titles I had in mind for this post:

  1. The weekend of excess
  2. The lost weekend

But the above title won out because it felt so right.

Gluttony and Excess example #1:

I woke up Sat morning, looked out the window and said "What the hell!?" That's the most snow we've had so far this winter. It seems there's always a little cell right above our house because now one has it as bad as we do. That's about 6-7 inches on our railing. There were about 18" drifts around the car. That was interesting trying to get out.

Gluttony and Excess example #2:

Jingles and Mack needed a new scratchy box as they haven't been using their 6 month old one (wonder why duh) and have picked up scratching my carpet. Sooo... we went to Orschelns, with some gift certificates in hand, and one of the things I picked up was a new scratch box, which btw, comes complete with catnip.

Eyes dialated, both of them fighting for who gets to scratch, and who gets to SLEEP THERE. Then they both get the munchies. LOL.

I told Gene we need to try this catnip thing and see what all the fuss is about.

Gluttony and Excess example #3:

Orscheln's chick days. I want. now. (+ a duck.)
Nuff said.

Gluttony and Excess example #4:

This one started actually around Wednesday. My printer that I love shot craps. Some investigation leads me to believe that a gear deep inside is broken or shook loose. It's so not worth tearing it apart to me and never getting it back together because how much of a sucky job is that (although tanner loves that crap). So we went out to buy a new one this weekend.

Seems that the Vivera 02 models are getting nixed. I guess it's too expensive to create the cartidges, which is sad because it's the best quality printer I've ever had. Didn't stop me tho, so I had to hit Office Depot (huge mistake, 3 ppl to run a store on a Saturday - took 20 min to get through the line - there were only 3 ppl ahead of me. sigh). BUT they did price match. So, I'm the proud owner of a printer inside of a box from OD. I HAVE to get it set up today. Have to. *have*to*.

Gluttony and Excess example #5:

Gene is on a Gem/Jewelry madness. Something like a whirling dervish.

Gluttony and Excess example #6:
There was crocheting at midnight. It could not be stopped. It was excessive. To pass the quiet time in my head, I tried to remember all the character's names from King of the Hill. All I could not remember was the niece and the asian neighbors next door. Sigh. No, I do not know why.

Gluttony and Excess example #7:
I'm tired of giving examples so I'll finish off by saying that last night was the topper on the cake with a tbone and king crab. I think I'm crabbed out for a while. It was ugly. There are stains and stomach aches and not one lick of table ettiquette anywhere. I'm giving up king crab for lent which is funny since Lent started like a week ago and well, I'm not catholic.

OK, much boring life stuff to do. You know what today is: Monday = Cleaning day so paint your own picture there folks.

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