Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello world

Yesterday it sounded like God was trying to blow me off the planet. He almost succeeded.

After the wind died down, that's when the lightning picked up, then the hail. After that, thunder so loud it shook the dishes in the cabinets. *no kidding*. Today, sunny for about 1/2 the day, then chilly and cloudy again. Calling for snow this week!!!


In the meantime, I found this guy in the driveway, trying to escape into the grass. Yes, I decided to lay down on the sidewalk for a better shot. Catepillars move faster than you might think.

Both are much more impressive if you view them full size. click on the pic to view full image.

I was laying on the ground, and moved and heard a nearby bird fly away. Literally he was 10 feet away, so I'm thinking he saw this guy first. I tried to save him by moving him into the grass.

God speed little caterpillar!

Working on Kristen and Jake's pics. There are tons of good ones. I had one I messed with for literally over an hour last night, and decided it was best just straight out of the camera. *sigh*.

I'll post more tonight, if I get them done... or closer to done.

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