Sunday, December 29, 2013

Acquisitions and updates

First, I must say, sorry I don't post much any more.  Why?  Well, I have a pretty successful business (2 actually), I'm old and tired, I've been painting instead of blogging (which I find amazingly relaxing and more productive), I feel like I've run out of things to say sometimes, and lastly, I'm not sure much of anyone cares!  I'll update once in a while.  I swear.  The big stuff mostly, it's too mundane for me to post pictures of bees or snowflakes anymore.  I might paint them though!

So, we have some acquisitions in the house since I last posted.  Let me share:

Acquisition #1:
We  acquired this guy:

His name is Harley (I'll explain why in a min).  This was him when he was about 2 months old.  He's a boxer/black lab mix and an absolute pain in the ass. (As are most dogs) but he's sure sweet and loving when he's not chewing on your arm.
About a day before we got Harley, we got Harley.
Acquisition #2:
(I didn't take this photo)
We went to Harley to buy a hat.  Yes, a HAT.  We came out with a brand new 2013 Harley Wide Glide which looks close to this one in the pic.  That son-of-bitch salesman that sold us the first bike was there, and we get to talking.  I've learned a valuable lesson.  There's a LOT OF PLAY in a brand new vehicle.  Straight of the show room floor you can make great deals, especially at the end of the year.  We are the only people that have ever ridden this bike.  It had .1 mile on it when we took it for a test drive.  Needless to day, we started making ridiculous demands and they said yes to everything!  We ended up getting everything back we'd put into the first bike ($$) PLUS $20. LOL.  Seemed stupid NOT to buy the new bike and trade in the old one.
So, Gene said that he got a Harley, so I should get a Harley (dog) and that's how he got his name.  I maintain that my Harley will cost a lot more in the long run.
Acquisition #3:
I did the show at the Albrecht-Kemper museum in St. Joseph, MO again this fall and made a LOT OF STUFF.  I had some stuff left over so I thought I'd open an etsy shop to sell some of it.  It's been going GREAT.  Very happy with how it's turned out and I sold a lot for Christmas.  It's a good way to keep painting, get rid of a few things and make other people happy at the same time. :)
Acquisition #4:
Work space.  I thought I had taken a photo and put it on my computer, but alas, I probably deleted it.  I think I took like 10 photos in November total for myself.   I suck at stuff like that anymore I guess. :(  Just too busy taking photos for other people to enjoy taking photos for myself.  Anyway, we have rented a small space and are adding some drywall, etc to make it into some temporary work space for me to shoot in.  I'll be focusing on Couture Beauty Portraits, ala Sue Bryce.  I'm pretty excited about it.  I've been really sick the entire month of December and haven't been able to work on the space at all.  I'll share for SURE when we get it done.
Acquisition #5:
Not really an acquisition as of yet, but Gene is finishing up his first novelette that he'll be releasing on Amazon in the next few days.  He's been a writing machine lately.  I bought him a writing class this fall that lasted 7 weeks (one night a week) and it reignited his passion for writing.  He's written one full novel, several novelettes and a short story.  He's always been a great storyteller (he tells me the best stuff that happened to him when he was a kid that just makes me belly laugh, I'm trying to get him to write some of those stories down!).
I have worked on the cover for him for the book.  I painted it and then worked on it in photoshop.  Probably not my best work ever, but I think it helps tell the story. 
His stories lean towards murder mysteries/sci fi and he's improved greatly since he first started.  His instructor told him that he has incredible talented and that it would be a waste if he didn't do something with it.   Do I think we'll be millionaires?  Well, maybe, if anyone could it's him.  But in the meantime he's doing it for fun and keeping his day job!
I'll share the link when the book gets up!
I hope you enjoyed our update now that you know what's been going on in our lives.  I could promise to post more often, but I don't want to lie to you.  What I will say, is I'll try to post interesting things as they happen so you know we're not dead yet.
Happy New year!

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