Sunday, February 3, 2008

Welcome baby Ester

I apparently blew off my "post more" resolution for January pretty quick. LOL. I just get in that notion that when I get a bit behind, I just don't want to update at all cuz there's too much catching up to do!

So we'll bullet point a few things and then move on from here. :)

*Beck and David (Gene's brother and SIL) had their baby! Ester Marie was 7lb 6 oz (I think that's right) and was born 2-2-08. I called it.. I said she'd have a girl. Tanner was the last boy I can remember of any friend/family and Tanner is 13 - so that's a long time with no boys!

Anyway, about 3 weeks ago, they came up and we took some maternity pics. These are my 3 favorite. My very first maternity shoot. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I was really nervous!

* On the diet front. I've done *ok*. 5.5 pounds for January. My goal was 10, but there was a week in there I didn't do so hot. I'd take 5.5 a month tho, that's around 65 pounds a year. DEAL. I need to find a plan for "that week" because I'm always so hungry!

Gene and I went to Payless and I bought myself a new pair of tennis shoes. I'm going to try to walk at least 3 times a week during my lunch break at work (weather permitting). Worse case scenerio, I can walk around the inside of the shop! It's pretty good sized.

* We got some great news on the resolution to pay off some bills. I don't share a lot of details on financial stuff, but let's just say we got a HUGE REPREAVE. (Like 1/2) It was one of the happiest moments I've had in months.

* We got Tanner's room ready to move into. Paint, carpet, new closet doors and an closet organizer. (the doors went on faster than that stupid organizer system). We ended up throwing away the instructions and figuring it out on our own. Made it a much better quality by screwing it on instead of just tapping the hooks into the drywall. DER.

*I'm pretty much moved into my scrapbook room. I have a TV and satellite even. *sweet*. I have some things I still have to sort through but I'm basically 95% done. I've also been selling off a ton of supplies on craigslist. *happy dance*

*Gene and I need pics of us together. That's going to be interesting. He said he'd play along today, but then it snowed. *not cool* I'm sick of snow.

OK, I guess that's it. Not exciting, but it's what I got baybee. I'll post some scrapbook room pics soon!

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