Friday, June 13, 2008

Faith Hill is the root of all evil.

June is kicking my ass.
For real.

It's the 13th!? GET OUT!

I did a quick shout out on the first and then dead air. I'm sorry! Seriously, I've got an excuse. A good one... it's called a WEDDING. I'm to the point where most of my day is fill with wedding goodness. Can I be honest? Really honest?

I love it.
It rocks.

I realized how much I LOVE to arrange flowers. If I do say so myself, some of my arrangements kick butt. I wish there were some decent flower shop options, because I would for real, go apply. The pay sucks from what I understand. Oh, and I'm doing all silks for the wedding, and haven't done a lot of real flowers, but ohhh.. I bet that's more fun.

If you haven't returned your RSVP to me, or let me know via phone/email if you're coming. Please do! Did I mention *I* am making most of the food (Carol is helping too). Please don't make me make food for 50 and only 32 shows up. I would be mightly /pissed/ ... unhappy.


In other news, my unemployment rejection was overturned in appeal! Seems that someone *did* understand that adding 30-45 minutes drive onto my day *one way* was probably too much... especially since I was already driving 1.25 hours one way.

I admit, I do miss the guys sometimes. And I miss my job.. and I still know what a 1341 and a 1256 is. :( I wanna work in a glass shop again.

Anyway, it's good in a way that this all happened, because OMG... I would NEVER BEEN READY for this wedding. Well, I probably could have been but it would have meant lots more hours, and I probably would have started throwing a lot more money at it to just make it all happen.


Oh, one more funny story, but I still have that icky feeling. I had a *nightmare* this morning. I wish it had happened in the middle of the night so I would have forgotten it, but instead, it was the last dream of the day, the one that woke me up this morning.

the scene:

Gene and I are in the car and we're on our way to the wedding. We see these big huge signs "Lana and Gene's wedding" and we start to follow them. And we're driving down main street and there's this big carnival and street fair, and it's all like a mexican street fair. LOL.

At the bottom of main street is a big stage. We get out and FAITH HILL is there, and she calls us up on the stage. and all the while I kept saying "I'm confused, I don't remember doing this, why is this set up this way, why aren't we at the lake".

Faith begins to perform the ceremony and announces we are married. I'm all "yay happy happy"... then I'm like, wait a min, where's my family and friends.... where's all my stuff.

We go to the house and I realize.. OMG, i've missed my OWN WEDDING! I start calling ppl, but like most dreams, I can't find the phone, or the phone numbers, etc. (kinda like how I can never scream or call 911 in dreams)

I'm trying to call the minister, and I can't find his phone #. (which is on my messy desk ATM, so I totally get why I can't find it). Then poof, we're back at the fair and he comes walking up the street and I was all "TIM! OMG I'm sorry, Faith Hill married us!" And then I explained what happened and I started crying. Then I realized, FAITH didn't have our marriage license! HA.. we were NOT MARRIED.

Tim sighed and said "Thank god" and then we started planning on how we were going to make it all happen.

So folks, just so you know, Faith Hill is a demon.


More posts later. I have some pics to share. I started to share about 3 days ago and my computer decided to crap out and restart by itself, so I gave up.

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