Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Meanwhile... back at the ranch.

Do you know how much I love this guy? Like... bunches. :)
This is my guy out resting in the shade on a VERY HOT day, he had been planting trees for me, which is hard to do when it's been so wet. I've been begging for trees for a year now, and I found some on sale super cheap so we bought them all. All pear trees - bleh.. but cheap pear trees = shade / wind break. Lord knows we need both. 5 down, 28 more to go. (I don't think I'm kidding).

I snapped a pic of the corn while he was out. This is right next to the house. I was so happy to see corn this year, last year was beans (so next year will prolly be beans again). Funny thing, I don't think I've seen one bean field this year, *everyone* is planting corn. So tortilla prices will go down, and bread will go up. *sarcastic yay*
Anyway, I love corn, and it will be a nice natural wind break. After the wedding, I'm going to have Gene take a picture of me in my dress out in the corn field. Crazy, but I *love* this idea. I so wanted to get a picture of amber out in a bean field last year in her wedding dress, but we ran out of time!

Yay! I have a clothes line. I've hardly been able to use it because it's been raining so much but I've mastered a couple sunny days and dirty laundry to coexist with each other. I was out hanging clothes yesterday, and it was quiet out, the breeze was blowing and the crickets (?) in our really tall grass were chirping away and I thought to myself "Do you really want to move?" Is this the greatest place I've ever lived? Hmm... in ways, yes very much so. Is a doublewide my dream home, no... but we're "rebuilding" it with our own 2 hands, learning as we go and making something really pretty out of something you'd never expect. It would be hard to let something go that you've put so much of your own person into.

And speaking of rain, and outside... this was the scene over the neighbors house the other day. I can't help but look at that and remind myself, that yes, there is indeed a God.

A week ago, went to a crop and met up with Stacy (left) and Linda (right).. they're my posse. I adore them both. Stacy is my maid of honor and has been a dear friend to me since we were 14. (minus that big chunk in the middle we lost touch). Linda I met cropping around 8 years ago. I totally laffed the other day, thinking how we started being friends. I was giving her such a hard time for carrying around her scrapbook supplies in an old cardboard box. So along the way, we all upgrade to fancy bags and organizer totes. Last saturday, we both come in toting crates. Maybe after all, just a box is good enough!

It's funny, they are those friends that you don't talk to for a month, and then you take a couple days or a crop and catch up and talk for hours, then maybe you don't talk for 2 months, and *it's ok*.. no one is upset. Maybe it's just our way to make sure we have something to complain about when we see each other again. LOL. Either way, they are *good friends*


I have an infestation of these nasty little hairy spiders! ewww. Grooooosssssss. If you wanna see his 3 eyeballs, look at the full sized picture. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what kind of spider this is, so I can KILL THEM the easiest!!! I went to get a spoon for breakfast out of the dish rack, and this met me there. Yes, I dumped all the silverware and rewashed them. bleeech. I couldn't stand the idea of them sharing the same personal space.

So, what kind of spider is this? Michael? That seems like something you'd know :)

Off to work on wedding stuff... seriously..... like 16 days. Shoot me now! I have a whole 2nd dress to make, food for 40 ppl, etc etc.



ME! said...

*retches* MIchael and I never wanted to see our daddy like that... lol jks

Anonymous said...

what you told me about over the phone?? terrible, dreadful looking thing!!!

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