Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello there, Porch you glad to see me?

So the porch is coming along nicely.  It's now possible to walk from one end to the other with my purdy new decking.  Boo kitty is very happy on his new addition in case you were wondering.
Something that I've been DYING to do for a while now, is to be able to cut off the edge of the decking where it hangs over and looks ragged and unfinished. 
We finally got to a point where we were able to snap a chalk line (that was nearly an arguement.  Shouldn't take 30 minutes to snap a damn chalk line), and cut off the excess.
It's amazing how much that changes the look of the entire deck!  It's beautiful, and smells great.
And speaking of smelling great, if you happen to work on a project that involves cedar, you should always wear breathing protection as the dust produced is toxic.  A couple times I forgot to put my mask on while cutting, and every time, I end up with a sore throat the next day.
Later, I'll tell you about my deck "accident".  It looks like the glass man beat the crap out of me.  
In other glass man news, Gene lost his job yesterday. :/   No worries, we have an emergency fund and a Plan B which has been in the works for a couple weeks because we felt it coming.
*we will be ok*
I'll let you know my super secret plan when it's all finished!

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