Friday, February 8, 2013

Fake it til you make it - how to be an "artist"

One thing about moving into a space that has been empty for a while (our shop was nothing for around 5 years), it will definitely need some updating and TLC. 
One thing about this shop that I really HATE is this hideous air condition (wall unit) sticking out of the middle of the wall.  WTheck am I supposed to do with that ugly thing?
Maybe I could throw some mud at it and call it "inspirational art".  Although I highly doubt anyone would find it inspirational.
We needed to keep it so it was be accessable in the summer time.  After all, there's a fair amount of glass here (ha) and it's going to get hot in this office in the summer.  I'll actually probably appreciate this A/C unit a little more come July.   In the meantime, It needs to be prettier.
I came up with the idea to make a box and paint it then hang a large print on it.  Boom!  Done.
However, once I started to paint it .... this happened:

I was liking how the paint was streaky and showing layers of color so... I left it.
We hung it on the wall to just let it percolate a little while and we both ended up liking it.
I guess I'll pretend like it's inspirational art after all.  I shall call it "the cool box" (puns intended.


dawn said...

Sign your name at the bottom and call it abstract art.

Trust me.


LisaDay said...

I have been away. Congrats on your new shop. Dawn has a great point. Don't forget a price tag.


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