Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am here. I am Mz Cellaneous

Dont you love the word Miscellaneous? I've always loved it.

The other day, I was laying in bed staring into the darkness thinking whatever thoughts were keeping me from sleeping and the word Miscellaneous came to mind for whatever reason like it has 100 times before. I again thought to myself how wonderful miscellaneous is. Here's is a word that doesn't mean left overs. It means, something that fits in no other category it's so different.

When shopping on line, I find myself searching for the "misc" button. What might be so unique and different it can't even be categorized? That's where the creative stuff is at.

So back to being in the dark - I laid there and thought to myself. *I* am miscellaneous. I really have never fit into a basic category. So many categories, slots that people fit in, and I never felt like I fit into any of them.

In JANUARY, my resolution was to start a photography blog. I wanted to explore the idea/possibility of being a photographer semi-pro. As usual, one of my big hang ups is "where do I start?" I let that be my excuse for not starting anything. "I don't know what words to use to just start a blog". *eyeroll*



So here lie Mz Cellaneous in bed, staring into the darkness thinking about where I do or do not fit into this world and bam... the words all came. A place to start and a lack of an excuse.

That was like, a month ago.

So I got a touch of the lazy too ok?

Will I talk about photography and post photos I've taken? yes. Definately.. and probably more than anything else because yes, I do want to start a part time photography business.

You'll also see me posed about art, parenting, scrapbooking and MISC!

I bore easily.. just a warning. I can totally see me not post for a month. I can also see me post 3 times in one day. It's happened. :p BUT, I'm going to make myself of a personal promise to post my photos of that week on each sunday.... well, a sampling of them anyway.

Now, just the intro of myself....
My name is Lana. I have a full time job in customer service... I really like my job a lot... I'm damn good at it. I have 2 boys, Seth (17) and Tanner (12). 2 pretty cool kids if you ask me. My boyfriend is Gene and pretty darn awesome himself I might add. 2 cats (Trust me, you'll see them at some point) and I love art, scrapbooking and photography.

{Order depends on my mood for the day}

Saturday, I'm photographing a special wedding - my baby sister's (she's 21, not much of a baby anymore). So I'll post some photos for you on Sunday. I swear!

I'll try to post some cutie baby photos I took a couple days ago. One of my bestest girlfriends had her 3rd on Monday and she's about a tiny little bundle of cuteness. *many baby photos to come*. Yay babies!

If you made it this far, well, you're probably my family or a good friend and thank you... that makes you awesome by default. LOL.

More later!

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