Thursday, June 21, 2007

sweet miracles

I promised a couple photos. Here is little Francesca Perkins. 6 pounds 18.5 inches. About 12 hours old.

This is my first real shot at baby photos and the light was horrible. I've promised Stacy I'd take some more over the next couple weeks. Told her we needed to get home, great light and get that baby naked LOL.

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Daisey said...

I read the whole thing, guess that makes me cool? lol Man that baby looked like a dollie. I thought you was taking pictures of a porcelin doll. Means she is cute. Is that the Stacy I know? Anyways whoevers baby she is, she is precious. Lana you will go far in photography. You always excel in everything you ever do! Wished I had even 1/10th your talent!
Hugs and love ya bunches!

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