Sunday, August 19, 2007

From a house to a home

We, once again this weekend, worked on the new house. It's turning from a dirty old almost worn out double wide, to a sweet little ranch on 2 acres called "ours". I'm loving the colors we picked (below). We literally bought paint 3-4 times before we decided that we'd pick one color chip (tans to greens to browns) and use ever color on that strip. VERY helpful. No way the paints won't coordinate with each other.

Green is my second favorite color, and I love the combination with brown.

Having said that... how about black cabinets? :)

I know, it's dramatic, but my gut tells me that it's going to work! We found an awesome deal on granite, but it only came black/white/grey and I really don't want brown with it. yes, the cabinet doors are a pretty wood color on their own, but the cabinets themself (styles and rails) are bad. They aren't wood they are particle board with a picture of wood on it. Which really did do a good job of tricking me when we first bought it, but I have a hard time putting granite next to a picture of wood. Sooo.... Gene is letting me decide. *wise move*.

Hey, it's just paint! it can always be repainted.

BTW, white? NO! Who wants to scrub it every day?

We bought a weed trimmer!!

Yes, I'm excited. I've always wanted/needed one but never had one and the weeds were getting BAD around the house again. We needed to get it in check. So Gene did my trimming today. That's hot.

Kinda hard to see the pics above, but click to see them larger. Upper pic is looking at the house standing at the front door. You seen the living room, looking into the dining room and kitchen. The big green wall is my "accent wall". I dig it.

Lower pic, dining room corner.

OK, so a little input is appreciated for those of you actually reading. The dining room is fairly big compared to the rest of the house and we really don't need a huge room. I'm trying to think of multi fuctioning for it (since at some point we will be reselling the home). The kitchen is going to have a home office in it, so I'm trying to think of another idea for the dining room. My best idea so far is some bookcases for a "library". But I want them to be more "built in" sort of feel, not something bought at walmart. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!

More posts coming. I'm gonna share some engagement pics of Torrie/Darrell and Amber/Cole tomorrow.

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