Saturday, August 4, 2007

I've been bad

I haven't been posting.... .and I even have pictures!

I don't have any here, as I'm at work (we have one computer with internet), but I can't upload from here. I promise I'll post pics tonight or tomorrow.

Bobby is coming up again tonight, that'll be fun. I'll try to get better pictures of him this weekend. I have promised not to make him drywall (ok, maybe later) LOL. The granddaughters were going to spend the night with us last night but they couldn't make it. I was kinda disappointed, I was looking forward to spending the day with them. I have some awesome pictures I took of them a couple weekends ago I'm going to share when I get back home.

Reading a lot about photography and trying to improve my skills. I think I'm doing better. I'm working on discovering my new camera. Laicey, if you're reading this, I wanna do your Senior Pics soon! Laicey is my niece and will graduate '08. I suddenly feel old. (that means my kid is a JUNIOR!!)

Speaking of Seth, I have to admit I'm quite proud of him at the moment. He's worked at Hy-Vee for probably more than a year now and they've decided to put him behind the meat counter full time and boost his hours (he was a stocker, then a cashier). Why is it, he can be polite and respectful enough at work to get raises and a primo job, but at home..... well.

If I talk about one kid, I gotta talk about the other. Tanner finally saved enough $$ to buy his scooter. That's $280!! (now that summer is almost over). He has a paper route and made money by getting good grades. He took a slight detour by buying a portable dvd player (barely watches) that I tried to talk him out of. Oh, the impulse buys of children!!

I'm VERY much looking forward to Tanner finally getting that scooter. I'll post pics of course. He worked really hard to get it, it's something to be proud of. Oh, and can you believe that in ONE MONTH I'll have TWO teenagers? Wahhhhhh! And I have 3 little girls insisting on calling me Grandma. *blah* I think I can settle for meemaw which Cheyenne wants to call me.

I am not old.
I am young.

I swear i have no wrinkles and I get carded still!!

I have some issues.

Not much other exciting stuff to share. Just working and doing house things on the weekends. I'll post more within 36 hours I SWEAR!

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