Monday, July 16, 2007

This week has flown by!

Saturday, we had to work, so the weekend was extra short. More work on the house, some decisions made, which were as important as actually completing the jobs themselves. Kitchen arrangement and colors picked, found some awesome, inexpensive granite for counters, and most importantly, flooring picked!

Gene finished up the roof, he was so happy, and PROUD of the work. It does look so much better.

Picked up our flooring today, I'm going to just save what we're doing for pictures because it sounds dorky, but will look awesome when done.

Tanner is quite the little business man. When you are 12, there aren't many other employment options, so his step-brother and him have a little lemonade/sno-cone business. I came home to this sign in my front yard. Extra cute.

The sun setting from our new back yard Sunday night. The finish to our weekend. Looking forward to seeing that out my back door on a regular basis!

Not making my posts by sundays, but I AM making them once a week. You gotta gimme that!

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