Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Some more shots from Amber's wedding

I know I need to share some other photos, but I took soooo many, and I love these and wanted to share.

All the photos are edited (well, except about 10 that I noticed as I was looking for these. I seriously could spend 40 hours on just editing photos!

Some flowers from that day at the golf course.

Dad and Amber's hands. I actually cropped this from another picture, as I was resizing it, I happened to catch this view and I think it's one of those little details that tells the story of the day instead of just documenting who was there.

For some reason, this is my favorite shot of the guest. The girls are Amber's bosses that own the salon where she works. The cowboy's real name is Rowdy!


I won't tell you his last name so you won't go stalking him, but let's just say, his parents gave him no choice to be a real cowboy. LOL. Gene regularly wears a hat (a nice stetson at that), and looks good. But I saw Rowdy, looked at Gene and said "That dear, is a real cowboy."

No offense honey.

Little turd.

LOL. That's Rowdy's baby girl, Dally (little cowgirl), stomping on Amber's dress. Very cute and Amber didn't blink a wink. She also smacked Amber during the wedding LOL. No one got worked up a bit. Life is good.... NO BRIDEZILLAS!

This was Amber's shot. She'd seen it done before and it turned out really cute. Cole is a golfer and I'm sure he appreciates the critique.


We did this three times and everyone played along well and didn't worry about their hair. sweet. Pre- wedding too. Everyone was totally cool with whatever I poked them to do. LOL.

The maidtron of honor (far right) is my older little sister Torrie. Torrie and Amber grew up together a dozen years behind the rest of us. Just when Torrie thought she had all the attention. BAM. Along came Amber.

Touche' Torrie. How's it feel? (I was the baby of the first 3) LOL.


(?? maybe ??) ;)

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