Monday, October 8, 2007

Where did the time go???

The photos I promised of the senior session I did with my neice Laicey. She's 6 months older than Seth, and a grade higher. She's my older sister's only daughter and the first grand"baby". Where the heck did the time go.

Laicey has changed so much. She is so outgoing now, and mature (and immature still in ways, that's GOOD LAICEY). I was so surprised how willing she was to let me drag her around to *anywhere* to take her pictures (including the *cemetary* LOL). She even had many good ideas of her own. Here's hoping they are all as easy as she is to photograph.

She's sure come out of her shell, no more quiet little girl that just sits back bashful. She's out there. Kansas city has been good for her I believe.

And lastly, poor child looks like a Perdew. I swear no one can match our dominant genes. *no one*. We all look like we came from the same pot. It was weird, seeing her in the lense and catching glimpses of ME. WEIRD. And then editing photos later and seeing Torrie, and my Mom in her face. So strange!

She wants to go to school for Criminal Justice (good call.. I'm jealous.. my dream degree), so when we drove past the sheriff's department, she HAD to have her pic taken there.

Hands down, my favorite photo. Young, innocent and grown up, all at the same time.

Pop... this wall just called to have this shirt in front of it. here she is doing the "duck" that we called it. It's the nice little trick to making your little extra "something" under the chin disappear. Stick your head out like a duck and tilt down. She got tired of me saying it, but it really does make for a good picture.

If you have a senior or know a senior that needs their photos, or if you are interested in maternity shots, weddings or informal portraits, contact me! I will send you a price list and set up a time we can meet.

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