Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How's that for a greeting?

Yeah. Welcome.
And crap.

Enjoy the snow up your everything.

No really, I like snow, at the BEGINNING of the season (in moderation). Ask me how I feel about it in February. The above is our doormat. And what a crappy picture. We have a yellow bug light (yeah I know, it snowed, there's no bugs). Kinda hard to get a pic of white snow.

{don't eat yellow snow}
There's a classic to live by.

Me and jingles. We dig carpet. It makes us happy.

Got carpet in my scrapbook room, along with NEW bifold doors. The closets sucked before. A 6' closet is nice, cept when you put a 2' door on it. DUH. So we started ripping down stuff and made a bigger hole that doesn't look half bad. We still need to mud up the seams but I'm one to always jump the gun.

I'm really proud of Gene. He's been able to do a lot more things than I thought he could for a guy that's never done construction. If he doesn't know, we dig in and figure it out as we go. We don't really have much of anything yet that looks really like we just tossed it together! Some of it looks down right professional! Anyway, having lived with someone that could never take instructions from a "woman" when it came to building things, it's nice to have someone that actually listens to me about 38% of the time (the rest of the time I have to nag til he does it right. ie: my way LOL.) Just kidding. He does trust my opinion most of the time, even if I have to "repeat" myself a few times til he gets it.

Bought me a new monitor. 19" flat screen LG. That was a nightmare to hook up. I seriously wanted to throw it out the door. The old one gave me headaches so it was time. Computer is still slower than all get out but I'll get there. Rob (at work) gave me a new graphics card and some tips on upgrading on my own, so I"m going to give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen???

Don't answer that.

And I leave you with this.

What the.. ???

Deep fried mac and cheese bites?? What have we come to. No wonder we're all so fat. thank you Sonic for suggesting that diet dr. pepper tho, I"m sure it will negate everything else.

Having said that... I want.


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