Thursday, November 1, 2007

Something to ponder if you are bored or want to "think" about the world

I'm up late (again) surfing the net and just wanted to share a couple favorite sites. I've shared Postsecret before... I've been a faithful reader now for about 2-3 years each Sunday it's pretty much the first thing I do. (Not for children's eyes). But I've never shared Found.

Found is a a collection of tidbits "found" on the street, stuck in books, in the trash, in the hallway at school. Each day the piece changes. The single piece of whatever it is, is either funny, sad, weird, etc. Sometimes the piece alone makes an artistic statement when it's left by itself, completely out of context of the moment it was created.

Found vs. Postsecret will be in Kansas City on November 12. I'm hoping it's something I can made it to because Postsecret really has become an import piece of my life somehow. Strange, but true.

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