Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The house!

As promised, some updates. I'm going to try to post some others before bedtime.

We have (had) a corner of the kitchen that was big enough for a table, but thinking about it, we have a full dining room, a bar and usually eat in the living room. So who needs 4 eating areas!? So, as I shared a while back, we bought some cabinets from Amber's remodel and this is the beginning of the corner desk we're putting in for the home office in the kitchen.

Here is the almost after! Gene found a new office chair at Menards and we picked that up, I bought a couple rugs to go under it. (they need to be altered to fit better) and best of all, we got the granite top on!! That was an experience. Kinda fun tho. Not perfect but it sure doesn't look like we did it with our feet!! We still have to finish the cabinet on the left (MOM! I hate to paint cabinets! lol) and mainly we have to get the bullnose for the desk top/counter tops. We're going to MAKE those out of granite and our nifty thrifty wet saw. We'll call that "advanced" so we might wait a bit.

We bought a new bed, a new bed frame, new sheets, new pillows, and even new decorative pillows.. NOTHING RETAIL. Love getting great deals on stuff that's so pretty. Our new color theme was inspired by this vase:
I love the natural fern leaves but not realistic and especially love the colors. I'm doing our bedroom in brown, black and white. Anyway, the bed we had was pretty good, but just a full and as much as I adore the man, sometimes you just wanna have a bit more room, so we found an AWESOME serta mattress (absolute best one they had) at Menards so we bought it. Ahhhhhh. Like sleeping in God's pocket. LOL.

Here's the new chandelier we bought for the dining room. We bought a matching one for the kitchen to go over the island we don't own yet LOL. Of course, on sale. I'm digging the 50-90% off thing. God surely has blessed us lately. Every time we need something, there it is soon, on sale.

Not exactly house related, but stuck in my house pics was this scene from the neighbor's down the road. See all those white dots? Um... each one is a goose! The geese are in full force, I swear I've never seen so many as I have this year. You should have heard them, it was more like a hum than the sound of a goose. It's cool to hear them go over at night in the dark.

Last house pic at the moment. You've seen the stove, but I couldn't stand it anymore so we bought our microwave/range hood. (Retail... CRAP! lol) It's awesome and the best microwave I've ever owned! Love it. Next is probably the fridge. I want a side by side or a freezer on the bottom - but the bottom freezer is way expensive. *whine*


More pics in a bit. Gonna post baby pictures!!

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