Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Last pics

Last pictures to share. Here are a couple pictures of new little Ester too.

CrAzY uncle Gene with little Miss Ester on her christening day (afterwards at lunch). She looks so much like David, whom looks like Bud. That kid can not deny who her family is! lol

Little missy in her easter dress with Grandma Carol. You can not tell from these pictures that she is a JACKRABBIT! I swear. I help pass her from Grandma to uncle Gene and I swear she just about jumped out of my hands *FOR REAL!* Little turd. I almost became the aunt that dropped her on her head!!! ACK. Her mom and dad are big giant brains, so that would have been a big loss for society if I woulda done that. LOL. Here's the kid that will cure cancer or something..... Or make really cool flavored ice cream.

Both are pretty rockin' plans.

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