Saturday, March 29, 2008

Look what I can do!

Lookee! Look at my new toy. I'm so excited! I saved up my "allowance" (we each have a set amount each month that we can spend on anything we want) and I saved for a couple months and sold a bunch of scrapbook stuff and bought the cricut expression! I have a bunch of plans for this little guy, but so far, I've just been cutting out goodies for the wedding :) For those of you that don't know what this contraption does, it's a diecutting machine that you can pick an image that they have preloaded onto a cartridge and make it any size up to 23.5" (including letters). It'll cut fabric, paper, vinyl, etc. I'm dying to stick a chunk of felt in there and see what happens.


I guess some ppl are using it to do quilting, which is a really awesome idea. Makes me want to do some applique quilting (seriously, like I HAVE TIME), but maybe I'll do some small projects like some pillows.

I have to add, Gene and I are just having the best time today. Well, had... he's in bed now. Got up and needed to run errands to the bank(s), walmart, post office, etc etc and just decided on a whim to go to st. joe and hit a couple places. I picked up some 1/2 off scrapbook paper at hobby lobby, and some 1/2 off flowers for wedding arrangements (I'm doing all silks and I'm VERY PROUD of how well they've turned out) I even have my bouquet done.. actually... TWO. LOL. I can't decide if I want huge and colorful or understated and elegant. I like both.

For those that don't know, my dress is "colorful" :) Anyway, I'm looking for some awesome ribbon for the bow on my bouquet. Spare NO EXPENSE. Seriously, if it's perfect and it's $75 a yard, I'll get it LOL. I mean, it's not that much. (actually $75 might push the limits a bit). I found some awesomely beautiful ribbon at hobby lobby for $7.99 a yard, but only in green and brown (both I like but not my wedding colors - which are red, white and blue :)

The hunt continues.

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