Thursday, January 31, 2013

Adventures in shoe organization

Remember when my water heater blew up a couple weeks ago? 
And remember when I was trying to organize my life? 
Remember how much I love shoes?
Well, those things collided.  Gene's not thrilled about it, but too bad.
We installed our new water heater.  Well, I say "we" in the sense of "Gene".  Gene installed our new water heater.  Can I get a "Hell Yeah!" for handy men?  Can I get another "Hell Yeah!" for clean feet?
In the processe of that happening, the "door" that was on the closet that held the water heater was shot.  Now when I call it a door, it's only a door in the sense that it covered a hole and nothing better than that.  It was a couple pieces of crappy drywall screwed to some plywood.
Know what happens when that gets wet? 
yeah... it's really gross.
So in the middle of my master closet is a gaping hole with a shiny new water heater in it.  I still think that the person that designed this concept was a raging moron, but when your feet are dirty (you don't want to know what I was standing in) you'll take what you can get.
So I'd had this idea for a while for that space in front of the water heater anyway and since I'd had to do a mass exodus of everything in the bottom of my closet (which was a lot for the record) I decided now was as good of time as any.
I proclaimed "we shall build a shoe rack"
And Gene moaned.

So last weekend we went to the lumber yard, bought some pre painted shelves (because it was cheap and easy) and cut them into 2' lengths.

He's so bubbly and estatic can you tell?

It was pretty simple at this point.  We just screwed through the sides to attach the shelves.  Since you can't really see the sides, I didn't worry about the screw heads.  If I were in a situation where the sides would be seen, I would probably either counter sink them and fill the holes, or possibly I'd attach the shelves from the inside.

I bought a thin piece of plywood to cover the back of it.  Originally I was going to just paint it white, but as I went to get the paint, I saw my pretty turquoise blue paint that I loovvvvvve and changed my mind.

The next morning, Gene screwed the plywood to the back and we pushed it in place in front of the door.  Easy peasy! 
No really, anyone can do this.  All you really need is a drill.  Want the boards cut?  Most lumber yards will cut boards down to length for you for a little bit for each cut.  If you bat your eyelashes and stick out your boobies, maybe even less than that.
Having said that, they never give me a deal on cutting a board for me.
I guess I shouldn't expect them to do that for Gene when he sticks out his boobies.
Just add shoes, and pixie dust and music falls around you.  LOVE my new shoe rack.  It's so much neater around the house now (I really didn't have a lot of places to put shoes.
We also removed the closet door as I realized we never shut the thing and it takes up real estate.  Someday when we remodel, I'll be putting a barn door hardware on a slide across that door anyway.
Tangent:  Dearest Torrie.  I love you.  Do you want this damn door cuz I'm fixing to throw a match on it.  I love you.  Lana
So if you want to make your own shoe rack, don't be scared.  Buy a drill, get hex head bits/screws (smartest thing ever).  Organize your shoes.  Be happy.
Ignore husband.
The end.

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