Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The cobbler's children have no shoes....

unless he has an inspection and licensing due, then he's kinda forced into it.

It's kind of embarassing to pull up to your own glass shop with a broken windshield.   But Gene's hand was forced by the great state of Missouri.

In Missouri, every other year your car is forced to go through the inspection process to prove that your car is road worthy.  Welp, January is our month.  Not sure why we thought buying a car right after christmas was such a smart idea, but we did it anyway.

Stupid bad weather 3 years ago that kept leaving us stranded in our house for days.

Anyway.  My windshield broke, and due to a supplier that wants our business badly, we somehow managed to get a free windshield to replace it.

On a slower day, Gene took to it.
First you cut it out.  He used a cold knife.  This is done by hand, not by a machine.  This is why Gene has forearms like a pro body builder.  Never pretend to squeeze his hand in a handshake.  He'll crush your hand like a bug. Don't ask me how I know.
Out it goes.  On to the big old trash pile we're accumulating.  I think we shall keep it all in a big pile out back and call it art.  The city might disagree.  We might need to file a permit or something.
Now he crawls up there and cuts out all the old urethane.  This is what keeps your windshield attached to your car, and keeps you from popping out on the highway when you do the big 360.  That and your seatbelt, which I am working on making myself wear more often.
*insert several steps I was too cold to take photos of*
Blah blah insurance, so person come help!
That doesn't work.  Oh well.  Anyway so Gene finishes setting the windshield which means new primer on the car (this keeps it all bonded together) and urethane on the pinchweld.  That's the gooey stuff that gets hard.
The "gooey-to-hard process" is what has caused Gene's allergy to the very business he's in.  He wears breathing protection now to help cut down on the break outs.
He made me help him set this windshield because he wanted to take a photo of me.  Only problem is, I looked like a gray slug so I'm not sharing.  But pretend like a gray slug with long hair that needs recolored is setting this windshield.
Ta DA!
I have a new windshield.  Keeps bugs out of your teeth and rain off my pants.
It also now means I have a bill that I have to pay - licensing my car.
Told you it wasn't as exciting as it looks.
Hey, do you need glass?
Come visit us at 115 S. Main in Maryville or call 660-254-8822.   I'll get you a quote!  I'm pretty darn confident you won't find a better price than us.
Go us!

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Nicole said...

“Keeps bugs out of your teeth and rain off my pants” – Hahaha! =D On a serious note, the windshield is important for safety. The windshield keeps the overall structure of the car intact. It supports the frame of the car and upon impact makes it more resistant. So, kudos to you for replacing your windshield immediately!

Nicole Vickers

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