Thursday, March 14, 2013

Office bathroom mini remodel

Our building where our office is located years ago used to be a car lot/gas station.  What I've found over the years, is that when a place is build, designed and ran by men, it's mostly utilitarian.

Which makes fluffy pretty things harder for us girls.

Our bathroom at the shop looked exactly like it had been occupied by men for a really, *really* long time.  Brick walls, painted concrete floor (that's pretty beat up) and a mirror hung by a 6'5" man.

We decided (meaning *I* decided) it had to be updated.

The bakers rack was just there to hold things temporarily, but it was turning into months and months.  It wobbled (the floor is slanted) and it didn't hold much.  Plus what you could see was out there for the world.  I was really embarassed when someone had to use the bathroom.

Here you can see how bad the floor is.  It had been painted numerous times which just chips and looks worse and worse. 

The sink is very ugly... of course... and to make it worse there's a bulletin board over it.
Well, glad you asked.  It's because when they were tracking down the water issues a bunch of MEN decided to beat a hole in the wall to try to find some pipes.  Which they didn't even use in the repair.  *sigh*  It made for a huge mess and I guess someone thought putting a bulletin board there was a great idea.

We threw down a floor (linoleum that we already owned), bought a couple base cabinets and an upper, bought stock counter top (only had to cut off an inch) and added our small fridge in the center.

We bought this mirror at a garage sale last summer for $3.00.   We put a board over the hole and painted it the same color as the wall then hung the mirror on it and the piece that stuck out, we put a paper towel holder on it like it was supposed to be there.

Oh the opposite wall, I hung mirrors that I spray painted.  I find these mirrors at garage sales for $1-$3 and just pop out the mirror and spray paint it.  Super cheap and really cute.  I'll probably had a couple small canvases here too.

We still have to stain/varnish the cabinets and add some more artwork to be cute, but in the meantime it's pretty darn acceptable.

This remodel was under $500.  I could have done it cheaper but I just wanted it done instead of messing with it for a long time.  The base cabinets are not anchored to the wall so if we ever leave we can take them all with us.  The uppers we used 2 holes that were already in the wall so we did no more damage (no one cares anyway), and we can take it down and take it with us too.

We'd be like the beverly hillbillies, carrying around our bathroom on the top of our jeep.

I keep telling Gene that it's only one shower stall away from being our apartment in "the city".  Really, that's Gene's shot across the bow.  He better be nice or it's HIS apartment in the city.

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