Monday, March 11, 2013

WARNING: Fake uggs are a gateway boot

"My feet are cold."  I've said this pretty much every wintery day (and some summery days) for most of my life.  I'm pretty sure I have the worst circulation in NW Missouri.

I hear exercise fixes that.


So I got to the point I was wearing 2 pair of socks a day and I was still constantly cold.  I finally decided to break down and look for something warmer.  It just so happened that Kohls had some fake uggs on clearance.  Normally I can't wear boots because of my ugly fat calves, but these had little stretchy buttons on the side.

I hemmed and hawwed over the $31.00 purchase and finally broke down and bought them (oh and another pair of boots too.  A girl can't have too many shoes).

Probably the best decision I've made in months.  Not only do I wear them 16 hours a day (when I'm not sleeping), my feet are rarely cold.  I had a super cold shoot yesterday and when I left, my feet were STILL WARM.  Let me tell you, that's a monumental task.

Now I want the real thing.  And um... they're a tad bit more expensive.

Stand out of the way, I might have to bat my eyelashes and say "pwease" to get what I want.

This calls for a fake ugg haiku!

Warm and fuzzy toes,
my fake uggs you complete me.
Bring on the real boots!

1 comment:

Nicki said...

My kids have the real things and swear by them. Because my kids have the real things, I can not afford them. Every now and again I slip on my son's to run to the mail box (too big - but...) and seriously OMG, I want some. And then the riddle returns to the beginning of my comment. My kids have ....

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