Monday, April 22, 2013

Good things come to those who wait.

Do you remember me telling you about this door?   I told Gene multiple times over the winter that we needed to install it early in the year because by the time summer came around it was gonna be hotter than a motha.

I think he agreed last summer with the deck was "lesson learned".  Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today.

So he unceremoniously picks up the phone and calls  his buddy Bobby about a week ago to ask him to come up over the weekend to help with the door project.  ARRGGHH... that means I'm going to have to get everything all spic and span for company.

Which worked out ok, because in the end Bobby couldn't make it.  That, however, didn't change our plans.  We decided to move foward without him and try to install it ourselves.  I've installed doors before (interior and exterior) and know that it's NOT an easy job to do, but felt confident it was something we could accomplish.

Saturday we got up early and started the process  The left you can see how it looks "before."  Not very pretty is it?  The window is going to become a big double door, and the old door, will become a smaller window.

We got as far as getting all the drywall ripped out on the inside, then went to town to look at door handles... only they didn't have what I wanted and the selection was really limited so that meant a trip to St. Joe to see what they had.

We found some nice ones, on sale, but by the the time we were done hemming and hawing over it, it was pretty much too late in the day to do anything else.  Which is a GOOD thing because it was pretty cold to have your house open to the world for most of the day.

Sunday morning we didn't mess around.  Got up and started ripping things out including all the insulation, windows, studs etc.

I went to town to run errands and I came home to a big hole in my house!  Boo kitty always wants to help.

Pretty much committed at this point.  Don't mind my messy house, it's deconstructed if you haven't noticed.

Here is the door all crated up.  It's huge and takes 4 people to move the crate.  Not much I can do with it with my bum shoulder and old lady hip.

Cutting out the center support was really scary.  I kept worrying my house was gonna fall in or something. LOL.  I did talk Gene into putting in a big header over the door.  We hadn't planned it that way but we both were happy in the long run we did it.

{Insert pictures of us installing door}
{Insert lots of cussing}

I tend not to take a lot of photos when I'm wanting to kick something down the steps.  If it weren't so heavy I might have.  We were both pretty frustrated with installing it.   It took some creative adjustments (and luck) and we finally got it.  It's not perfect, but that's why god made trim work.

The almost finished product.  The view on the left will eventually have a wide stair steps leading up to the deck.  I've always wanted a big wide set of steps, I think they're pretty.  On the right you can see how pretty the decking is going up to the house now.

We still have to add all the trim, and we'll be adding some outdoor light fixtures on both sides of the doors. 

Gene will be doing the electrical.  Heaven help us. LOL.
Actually, he's done work before and did a really good job so I trust he'll do a good job.  The electricity has to be rerouted over the door as it used to go under the window.

Old door.
New door.

I think we made the right choice.

And here is the new handles.  I only cried once doing this.   Nope, it wasn't hard to do, actually you can put the handles on in less than 10 min.  I, however, screwed up and there's now a hole in the wrong spot.  You can't see it on the outside, but you can on the inside.  I broke into tears and Gene handled it better than I did. 


lol.  I'll fix it, and then I'll hyperfocus on it for as long as I live here.

Anyway, so I had to buy 2 door handles, and the one on the left doesn't have the guts in it so it doesn't actually work.  That includes the deadbolt.  Tell me if it's weird to have a deadbolt on the left that doesn't work.  I'll have to try to find a cover plate of some sorts otherwise, which I'm having a hard time doing.

On the right is the pretty stained glass.  I really like it, but now I'm worried a little bit about privacy and people being able to see inside night/day.  Do you have windows doors with big windows?  How do you handle privacy?  I really hate to put a curtain on it and cover it up after spending all that money on it!

This project I would put on a difficulty scale of 3.5 out of 5 chickens.  (poor half chicken). If the only power tool you've ever run is a kitchenaid, then I suggest you hire it out.  Having said that, you can learn all of this!!  I have found that home improvement shows are very educational and what you don't know for sure, there's someone on Youtube that is teaching you how to do it so do new things!

When finished, we'll have about $1000-$1100 into this project.
If we would have hired the whole thing out, we would be out around $3500-$4000.

Savings of $2400-$3000!!

Learn to do some of these things on your own my friends.  You'll have such an enormouse amount of pride in what you do, and at the same time, you'll build lots of free value in your home.

Sweat equity baby. 

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LisaDay said...

They are beautiful. I see the kitty was helping, too.


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