Friday, November 23, 2012

*knock knock knock* Who's There? Door. Door who? Doorn't you glad to see me?

About a month ago, Gene and I went to Lowe's for somesuch.  Probably to spend money, because that's what we do now.. spend all the money.
When I saw it, from across the aisle, the most beautimous door, like... ever.
You see, Gene and I live by this rule.  Decide what you want, and then wait.
Sometimes years.
A few years ago, I decided I wanted a new front door.  I hate the one I have (it's in a corner wasting space) and it's pretty ugly.  I painted it red but that's about as exciting as it gets.
So when I saw "the doors" I was so excited. 
Seems they were custom doors that were returned by the customer.  Nothing wrong with it, he just wanted to put the doorknobs on himself and they pre-cut the holes.
Their mistake, my gain.
So they were regularly $2500 doors.  Marked down to $1500.
Except I didn't want to pay $1500.  I never want to pay full price, and IMO, a returned door at $1500 is full price. 
Everything is negotiable.  So we went home, Gene called Lowe's and offered them $1000 and they turned us down.  Said that decision came from corporate.
A couple weeks later, we had to stop in again and thought we'd look, just to see.  As we walked across the store, we could see that they were still there!  Pitter patter my heart.
Close enough... I gasp!  $700!
I couldn't rip off the "for sale" tag fast enough!  MINE ALL MINE!
So, fortunately we had the trailer with us, and fortunately, they have a forklift because those bad boys are heavy!

 It took 4 guys to load it.

And one person to be paranoid all the way home it'd fall off the truck.
*that would be me*

But dammit, look hout purdy they are!  I love you doors.  I want to murrrryyyy youuuuu. *mwah*

But for now, they sit on my 92% finished deck waiting for warmer days.
Which is like.. what... May?

Merry Christmas to me.


Nicki said...

They are beautiful - and kudos to you for waiting. Sometimes, patience does pay off - sometimes!

Leanne said...

Very nice. I love the glass. Sigh. Now I want new doors too.

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