Friday, November 16, 2012

Good news, bad news, great news

So a couple weeks ago, an idiot ran over our mailbox.
I was so mad I chased him down without my bra on.  So you KNOW I was mad.
They had to come out and dig a new hole for the new mailbox.  I don't think he was happy about it.  Maybe he should chase me down without his bra on and tell me about it.
So anyway, we're tired of the "mailbox saga".  I think we're on our 4th mailbox now in 5 years.
Gene is hell bent on putting in a steel pipe.  10 feet long.  Packed with concrete.
Success!  That's what we'll be getting.  So the next guy that comes along and decides to play runsies overs with our mailbox will get a big surprise and a big dental bill for losing 7 teeth in his dashboard and a bumper.
Hoping that's not me.
So what does this have to do with Boo?
Our next door neighbor is great.  They come down and scoop our drive with his bobcat in the winter when it's bad.  We buy him beer as a thank you.  If we need to borrow a weird tool for an hour, he'll probably have it and always lets us.  We give him eggs as a thank you.
So Gene stopped down at his house tonight to ask him if he would bring the bobcat down and help us get the pipe a few more feet into the ground (our hole is only 4' deep). 
Good news:  Yes.  He'll be here at 9 a.m.
Bad news: He informed Gene that they have such a possum problem (I know, we have them here and he's right on a creek bed) that they are making their horses sick.  So they are putting out poison that will kill every possum for 3 miles.
(I'm pretty ok with that part).
Worse news:  He didn't know if it'd have any affect if Boo Kitty came around.  Boo likes to go on "explores" and disappears for 2-3 days at a time.  I'm pretty sure he's up there chasing mice.  Or girls.  Or girls.
Great news:  Gene said "I swear to Jesus I'm a max 3 cat family".
What did he just say?
He said Boo can live inside!
So, because we didn't know how fast the poison was going to happen, Boo is now sitting in a cat carrier in my kitchen under my desk. Hoping we can find a vet on Saturday to get him snip snipped because I really don't need a bunch of cat urine marking my walls.
Everyone has sniffed everyone else.
2 hisses and life goes on (well, if you're a fat indoor cat anyway).
So I got my Christmas present early.
Yep, I asked for Boo to be an indoor kitty.
There is a santa!  He's a grumpy glass man in Missouri.

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Mary Ann said...

Possums - horses - EPM, it's an awful disease. I hate to poison, but would hate to lose a horse to EPM, too. Lucky for Boo Kitty!

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