Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear! Your gift is a .....

Brand new business!
All day on Gene's birthday (Sunday) was spent working on the shop being hell bent on getting the sign(s) painted and up.  Fact is, we got the glass shop sign done, and I feel like taking my time on the photo sign, because frankly, it's going to be *harder*.
As in...
More difficult.

And this is what he did while I painted his sign.
Online shopping.  We call it "jewelry porn".  He calls it "working".

We finally finished, right as it started to get dark.  We almost had to hang it in complete darkness, we had only a few minutes left.  Street lights were on but we made it!  It was a big deal because the scaffolding was borrowed and that sign was heavy.  Plus hung pretty high.  Hard to do with a ladder.

Next day touch up, and we're done!

And a little bit to show you my side of the building.  New paint (the ugly flag border had to go!), new trim work, cute furniture.  Cute cute. 

Lots of great ideas coming this way!  I have my first clients schedule to come to the office in a WEEK!

Who wants to help decorate?
Budget is $12.17

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